Peace, Love, Understanding, Respect and the lesser known R, Responsibility. These words are what makeup everything that PLURR is. PLURR is the basis for all raves and events and brings us all together as a group. It is crucial that everyone keeps these values in our heads at every event we go to. We should only brighten the lives of peoples who we interact with. If we all show these qualities every experience we will have will be an amazing one and who doesn't want that?

1. Peace, just chill dude.

Peace, such a simple concept but if you manage this virtue all the others will fall into place. Peace can shine through everything you do at a rave or show. There are so many different kinds of people, and they can come from all walks of life. You never can tell the baggage that they are carrying. So instead of coming into the event like a wrecking ball ala Miley Cyrus, try your best to do be a sense of calm to those around you. Try to be the person that doesn't overwhelm others in the crowd, be the person that exudes calmness, tranquility, and ease.

2. Love your neighbor like you love yourself

The next attribute In line is love. When most people think of love they picture the romantic love that has been popularized by Hallmark and Valentine's day. But love in the scene is not just that, love extends to everyone you meet and interact with. The EDM scene is really one big family. We care about each other, we look after one another and make sure everyone has a good time. Being that we are one big family that supports one another, that means that throwing hands in the mosh pit is not a good idea.

3. Understanding that you never know what you don't know

Understanding. The third letter in PLURR and it is crucially important. Raves for many people are a chance to escape the issues that are going on in there lives. It has the potential to give them moments of bliss in a world that is too far and in between with that kind of things. You never know what people are going through. The aspects of understanding the difference between everyone who participates will open you up to so many new relationships. Some of the best people I have ever met have been at raves. So after understanding how important this is to people, maybe we should treat it a little more like a proper concert then a typical "Saturdays are for the boys".

4. Respect, treat others how you would want to be treated!

Aretha Franklin said it best " R-E-S-P-E-C-T that's what it means to me" Respect is crucial at raves and festivals. Raves are a place where almost anything goes. That leads to crazy dancing a crazy dress, you can never be sure what exactly will happen. One thing that is expected, however, is that everyone will treat others with respect. What we are not gonna do is make suggestive or sexual comments based on what someone is wearing or not wearing and for all that is good, we are not gonna grab people and try to grind to Illenium.

5. Responsibility, check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Last but certainly not least, the most forgotten part of PLURR, the last R, responsibility. Being responsible while raving is very important to do to so many things. There are many different kinds of people who come to events, bringing with them all their habits and behaviors. Some of those behaviors revolve around the consumption of different substances. There are many people who choose to and there are many who don't, and both are legitimate valid choices. However, it is important to remember that if choose to partake you have to be responsible and smart. Never get so far down a place where you put yourself and others in danger. A good determiner is asking yourself if you would come to the event without any stimulants, if yes then this is the place for you. The party favors should only be to add fun not be the cause of it. No one wants to be the person that makes themselves and their group miss killer sets because they were recuperating in the med tent.