...This playlist will change that.

1. "Only Yesterday" by Pretty Lights 

The intro to this playlist absolutely has to start with "Only Yesterday", a loop-heavy song with an ethereal feel.

2. "The Wheel" by SOHN 

This electronica song moves you like no other. Whether you're cleaning your room or cleaning your soul, this song will soothe you.

3. "Ruthless" by The Marias 

Are you a big fan of jazz? How about soul? If so, mix them together and you get The Marias, a band we really don't deserve. Listen to this song and let me know what you think.

4. "The World Is Ours" by Funky DL 

Sometimes listening to someone else sing doesn't cut it. Fold your clothes the Marie Kondo way while you concentrate on these easy-going beats.

5. "Jungle" by Tash Sultana 

If you haven't heard of Tash Sultana already, you probably live under a rock. Jungle, one of her first hits, shows off Sultana's groovy style and iconic voice.

6. "RIVA (Restart the Game)"- Krono Remix by Klingade, Broken Back, Krono

I honestly swear by anything Krono has remixed. The reworking transforms this chill vibe into a song you'll be moving your broom to.

7. "Dreams Tonite" by Alvvays 

Are you in love? Are you too scared to show it? "Dreams Tonite" will have you reminiscing while you throw out your old love letters.

8. "Best Part" (feat. H.E.R.) by Daniel Caesar

Turn the lights down a little, you'll literally hear the love dripping from your speaker. This song will get you falling in love with Mr. Clean real quick.

9. "Over You" by Monkeyneck, Kama

This song has fun beats to keep you energized but still chill enough to make you finish your chores.

10. "Want You" ft. Dizko Stu by Monkeyneck

Yes, Monkeyneck is on here twice. No, I am not sorry about it.

11. "Dancin" (feat. Luvli) - Krono Remix by Aaron Smith 

As I said before, I love remixes by Krono and this one probably takes the cake. Its a little different than the other songs because of its hyped up feel, but its a great pick me up when you're tired of scrubbing down your bathroom.

12. "Good Nights" (feat. Mascolo) by Whethan

I still don't know how to pronounce "Whethan" but it won't matter when I'm singing this song at the top of my lungs.

13. "Starchild" by Elujay

Elujay's hypnotic voice will have you organizing your salt crystals and astrology books in no time.

14. "Something About You" by Cozy Collective

Something About this song will make you want to lay down and learn every part of the lyrics. What better place to do this than on your freshly-made bed?

15. "11 Hours" - Branchez Remix by Wet

Wet is an amazing group by itself, but with the addition of Branchez you get pure gold. Enjoy this song after the 11 hours it took you to clean your apartment!