Playing hard to get is quite the tricky dating tactic, but nonetheless, one our generation dabbles in. You’re interested, occasionally, available, sometimes, but yet always intriguing. Does it really work? Are you playing hard to get, or are you just hard to get? Here’s what I think, you’re just hard to get. Playing hard to get never works, but rather is a distraction from the relationship you desire. You’re wasting time playing games with people who are 1) interested in nothing more than your mystique and 2) not worth your time. Playing hard to get makes you mysterious for a little while, until you finally think they're worthy enough to have your heart, and suddenly you're left vulnerable, transparent, and no longer interesting. So it’s simple, if you find yourself having to play hard to get, save yourself the hard part and get far away.

I understand why you play hard to get, let's face it, most people do. It's near impossible to wear your heart on your sleeve in a world constantly rejecting your imperfections. Contrary to popular belief, hiding your heart will not detract from disappointment, or find you the relationship you desire. For it is when we show our true self to others, and only then, that we receive our most intense love from the most permanent people stemming from understanding, and acceptance. Authentic love, in which you will be loved wholly and unconditionally—for the good, the bad, and the downright ugly.

If someone is genuine and wish for their embrace, show them your heart. Put yourself out there amidst the consequences. Because for someone is to be infatuated with you due to your essence of mystery, they aren't seeing you inside-out. They don’t know, nor care, for your heart. And well, a relationship without heart is nothing more than dreadful heartache.