12 Webkinz Arcade Games That You'd Play Over 'Fornite,' No Questions Asked
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12 Webkinz Arcade Games That You'd Play Over 'Fornite,' No Questions Asked


12 Webkinz Arcade Games That You'd Play Over 'Fornite,' No Questions Asked

My friends and I were recently reminiscing about the popular website Webkinz. For those who do not know, which means you probably weren't born in the late '90s, early 2000s, Webkinz were stuff animals you could buy then register them on the Webkinz site. Then you could take care of your Webkinz, build a house for it, play games, hang out with friends etc. When I was younger, this was the game to play. People collected Webkinz. I had around 20 myself. One thing I remember the most was the arcade.

There were so many computer games to play and earn money from. I spent hours playing those games and here are some of my favorites I wish I could still play and use for procrastination if the Webkinz people didn't lock my account...

1. Bananza

The objective of the game: Collect as many bananas as possible

2. Cash Cow

The objective of the game: Form paths so the Webkinz can get home before the sun goes down

4. Hungry Hog

The objective of the game: Like Pac Man but avoid the bees and collect all the food

5. Webkinz Mini Golf

The objective of the game: Same rules for regular mini golf

6. Picnic

The objective of the game: Direct the ants to collect food, but don't run into your own line of ants

7. Pizza Palace

The objective of the game: Make pizzas to what the customer's want

8. Polar Plunge

The objective of the game: Jump over obstacles and make it to the end

9. Wheel of Wow

The objective of the game: Click on "spin" and win prizes for your pets

10. Wishing Well 2

The objective of the game: Basically click on "Make a Wish" and earn Kinzcash

11. Zacky's Quest

The objective of the game: Get through the obstacle course before time runs out.

12. Lily Padz

The objective of the game: Travel across the map and avoid the obstacles before time runs out

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