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A guide to the ultimate workout playlist.

Play That Funky Music

I hate working out.

I really do. I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I mean, who likes to sweat and push themselves and do arduous activity? Why can't I just obtain rock hard abs and pectoral muscles by relying solely on cookie butter and Netflix?

Unfortunately, that's not reality (sucks I know). But, I guess there's a way to make my workouts enjoyable. I do that through music. If you have a killer workout playlist, I guarantee that you can get through ANY and I mean ANY workout. Even burpees. So, if you wouldn't mind, today I want to share with YOU my Spotify Workout Playlist. Filled with motivation, inspiration, and another word that ends with "ation," this playlist gets the blood running and guns pumping.

So, without further ado, I present to you, a sneak peak to my Spotify Workout Playlist.


I don't care what anyone says. This. song. is. my. JAM. Just imagine: You're on the treadmill and in front of you is a beautiful view of New York City. In the midst of this majestic sight, the synthesizer begins in a low mysterious tone, and then BAM, J-Lo hits you with a sexy beat with a splash of Pitbull. You suddenly feel motivation rushing through your thighs into your feet and before you know it, you just burned 400 calories in less than half an hour. WORK IT MAMI.


I know. You're totally judging me. It's okay. Just heed my advice and listen to this song while your doing the tough work out. There is nothing like, the QUEEN, telling you "You want a hot body? You better work b****," in fact I totally applaud it. It keeps me in check and I can assure you, Ms. Spears won't fail to whip you into shape quick.


Not only was this one of the hottest songs of the summer, but you feel like you can lift the world with this song. With it's killer beats and catchy melody that'll stay in your head for a straight week, you'll never want to turn this song off. Well, until you're tired of it ... then yeah, skip ahead. But seriously, for all you folks that like to pump that iron, this is the jam you gotta have. It'll get you pumped for that dead lift, or for your 250 lb. bench press.


*No explanation needed*


This song just gets me going man, especially when I'm with the big boy section (it's not exclusively for boys, girls lift too) with all the free weights. You'll be able to lift so hard with this song pumping at you. You won't be able to feel your arms afterwards (see what I did there hehe)


Just listen to the track. I'm sure you already have. The reason this song is on here is simply because Demi is BAE. No real motivation behind it. She's just bae. And she forever will be.

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