By Planting A Single Tree You Touch Every Living Thing

By Planting A Single Tree You Touch Every Living Thing On This Planet

We are all connected from the roots of our evolution to the branches of our aspirations.

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We are all connected. We are influenced by everything that came before us and we are the creators of everything after us. Every small act of kindness counts. Planting a tree may seem like a small contribution but it has big consequences. By planting a tree you'll be taking a step into the direction of a productive and loving future. If you plant a tree you are contributing to the greater good.

There are many things you'll be doing by just planting one tree. It's a domino effect. You'll be helping the planet clean the air and produce more oxygen for us. You will provide shelter for rabbits and perches for the birds. You might even make a home for a family of birds. You'll provide a home for insects of all sorts. Mushrooms may grow on it. The tree will have a whole life of its own. Trees are vital for local ecosystems. Hell, by planting a tree you'll be creating an ecosystem all on its own. Trees are providers of life for so many organisms.

We are in an age of devastation in our global ecosystems. Pollution is an all-time high and deforestation is a major problem. We need to care for the Earth because without the Earth we are not only hurting ourselves and our future but the future of nature itself. So many plants and animals are becoming extinct. It's up to us to fix the problems we and our ancestors created.

I started by planting a tree. The pine tree in the header photo is my baby Twig Jr. I named him that because he was a literal twig when I got him in 4th grade. He practically grew up alongside me. Every day when I look at the window and gaze at him I see what a difference I made. I see rabbits take shelter under his shade and birds rest on his branches. Twig Jr. Makes such a positive impact on the wildlife in my neighborhood.

Yes, the difference I made is small but we are all interconnected. Every action we have ripples through the cosmos. If we treat our local environment with respect and encourage others to do the same change can and will happen.

We need change to happen. And soon.

Earth day is coming but change doesn't need to be designated on only one day a year. Change is an ongoing effort. Picking up litter, conserving water, planting trees, carpooling, every little act of environmental conservation counts.

When you love the Earth, you are not only showing love to yourself, not only to humanity but to the entire world stretching to every single creature that lives in it. It's compassionate, unconditional, and pure love. Love that needs to be radiated every single day of the year.

I started my change by planting a tree and I see evidence of that change every day. I implore you to do something, anything, to show love to our planet. Now, what will you do?

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