Wedding Planning Since Age 5
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Most Girls Have Been Planning Their Wedding Since Age 5 And I'm One Of Them

One day your dreams will become a reality.


Every girl dreams of finding the perfect someone that they want to spend their life with, but what is most important is the day that you get to marry that person. It needs to be absolutely perfect and free of any flaws. That is why us girls start planning our wedding at an early age, way before we even meet the person we want to spend our life with.

Getting married is always a big dream. Do you remember when you were little putting on your fanciest dress and your mom's heels and pretending to marry your dad? Or marrying your kindergarten crush on the playground and getting all of your friends and toys to gather around as witnesses? That is where it all starts. Once a girl gets a glimpse of romance, flowers, love and all things girly, the ship has sailed. She is ready to plan her wedding.

For girls of a young age, weddings just seem so pretty and are very appealing because they are filled with pretty lights and flowers, however, the romance part of it is not that exciting, because, at age five, boys still have cooties.

Once we start to grow up, we start to realize that boys aren't so bad and actually start to develop an attraction towards them. At this point in life, you are in elementary/middle school and you realize that it is exciting to like someone, especially if they like you back.

High school is when relationships really start to kick off. You might have your first boyfriend or girlfriend and have the potential to experience what it is like to fall in love. The thought of having a wedding at this point only gets stronger. You start creating Pinterest boards of wedding dresses, flowers, and colors. Even though you are still in high school and know that this may or may not be the person that you marry, it is still fun and exciting to plan out. The thought and excitement of getting married only grows stronger as you grow older.

It is exciting to fantasize about, but also smart to start planning. Once you have that engagement ring on your finger, it is time to start the serious planning and actually booking caterers, venues, photographers, etc. If you start planning what you want for your wedding and have an idea, I can only imagine that it would make the important decisions much easier.

Our wedding day is a day that girls dream of their entire life. It is so exciting to think that one day your dreams will become a reality, and not only will you get the wedding that you dream of, but you will get to start the rest of your life with the love of your life. All of that waiting, fantasizing and planning will soon pay off. Have patience because your person will come and your big day will soon follow.

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