Planet Earth Drinking Game
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Planet Earth Drinking Game

If you like consuming alcohol and watching animals do stuff, this is the game for you.


If you are anything like me, then your two favorite things to do are watch some kind of wildlife show, and drink a bottle of wine. Well, now you can do both! This drinking game includes shows like Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Planet Earth 2, and basically anything David Attenborough narrates.

Watch a few episodes of any of these shows, play along with these rules and I can assure you, you will be wasted.

1. Anytime two males battle to be leader and/or get the girl, drink!

2. Anytime a baby is targeted by the predator but mom saves it, drink!

3. Anytime the predator actually catches something and eats it, drink!

4. Anytime David Attenborough says something that makes you hate humans for destroying the earth, drink!

5. Anytime a male bird does something weird as f*** to impress a female, drink!

6. Anytime David Attenborough says, "And the chase is on!" drink!

7. Anytime the camera fast forwards to show a plant grow, drink!

8. Anytime a bird gets OCD about how clean his area is, drink!

9. Anytime a bug glows in the dark, drink!

10. Anytime two different species work together to catch food, drink!

11. Anytime a baby learns how to do something from his parent, drink!

12. Anytime you see a penguin or a Dung Beetle, drink!

Because they get a weirdly large amount of scene time.

13. Anytime a female of a species does literally all of the work and the male is nowhere to be seen, drink!


14. Anytime there is a mating scene and you feel uncomfortable, drink!

Don't drink if you don't feel uncomfortable.

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