5 Places You Should Visit At Least Once in Your Life
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5 Places You Should Visit At Least Once in Your Life

Italy's most beautiful cities and Mykonos, Greece are just a couple.

5 Places You Should Visit At Least Once in Your Life

Last year, my older sister and I traveled around Europe for three weeks. It was my first time jumping across the pond and thought it would be my last, at least for many years. Much to my surprise, a study abroad trip with one of my professors came to my attention and I couldn’t resist. I fell in love with Rome last year and came back home telling everyone I would someday return. Well, little did I know that someday would only be one year later. Each weekend was planned out to see a different region of Italy as well as one weekend in Greece. Getting to be in Rome alone was amazing, but getting to see a lot of Italy is so highly encouraged because the country offers such countless beautiful cities. If you are ever to travel abroad to Italy for either study abroad or just to see it, these are some of the place I'd highly recommend visiting. You will not be disappointed.

The Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most cherished and popular spots in the entire country. So many tourists visit this area year round. I stayed in Salerno, which is just a short ferry boat ride from Positano, Amalfi, and Capri. Salerno is one of the most beautiful and family-friendly cities I have ever visited. Everyone comes out late at night to eat their dinners and socialize among each other. Little kids meet up with their friends and either play futbol (soccer), or dance to the music playing in the streets. I fell in love with this place and hope to visit again in a few years. Positano and Amalfi are breathtaking, and Capri is on an entirely different level. There are lots of restaurants and shops located close to the ferry port and hotels nearby as well. The blue grotto is one thing I believe everything should write down in their bucket list of things to see before they die. The vivid, bright blue water will stain my memory for the rest of my life. If you get a kind enough rower who brings you in (or one you can talk into paying), you can even swim in it.


Venice is another highly traveled city for tourists around the world. My suggestion? Travel earlier in the summer here if you want to avoid being a sardine walking along the main roads. During July, it was so packed it was almost hard to enjoy (I said almost). The canals and the city sitting on top of water are what make this city so enchanting. It is truly a place to fall in love (besides the smell when tide goes down at night). Gondola rides are extremely pricey (100 euro or $112 for up to four people for half an hour) but TOTALLY worth it. I kid you not, this another moment in Italy that will permanently stain my memory. My advice? Just set money aside specifically for this and go during sunset; one of the most beautiful and captivating things you will ever experience. Aside from Venice itself, I also suggest hopping on the taxi boat and hitching a ride to Lido, a small island just minutes away from Venice. On the island you will find a "paradise" feel with many food, drink, dessert, and surf shops along the way to the beach. It's a great way to spend a sunny and hot afternoon (and also find some souvenir shells for free!).


Florence was a pleasant surprise this past summer while visiting. When my sister and I traveled there the summer before, I wasn't fond of the place at all; I think it must have had to do with the area we stayed in. My suggestion: stay as close to Ponte Vecchio as you possibly can. Everything, and I mean everything, you could need will just be a few minutes walk away. Countless shops and restaurants line the streets along with many vendors and the incredible leather market. This is a city to visit if you're looking for nearly any kind of experience: romance, shopping, art, etc. It gives off a very medieval feel to it, especially in the center of the city. I suggest visiting Piazza della Signoria both in the afternoon and evening. Various restaurants line the square along with beautiful works of art including a copy of the Statue of David, the Fountain of Neptune, the Medici Lions, and the famous Palazzo Vecchio. Another suggestion: take a day trip to Tuscany through one of the many tourist companies and go wine tasting!


It's a little difficult to imagine this place exists, even after staying there. It is hands-down one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. The Amalfi Coast and southern Italy are full of beautiful beaches and cliffs while northern Italy is full of beautiful mountainous views. Bellagio is located on Lake Como, just north of Como in a small peninsula. The city is actually the inspiration for the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas because of its elegance. You get a 360 degree view of mountains surrounding the beautiful tip of the peninsula. Lots of stairs are required, especially if you plan on staying on the opposite side of the ferry port. Many restaurants and unique shopping lies near the ferry port. Although I believe this truly is a city to visit to end a long trip and to relax and rejuvenate, there is a great nightlife as well. If you're interested in nightlife, I highly recommend checking out Lido di Bellagio. It is one of the coolest nightclubs I've ever been to. Also, be sure to stop by Aperitivo Et Al Bar. It's a super cool wine bar I came across while staying there and they have wine you can purchase and ship home!

Mykonos, Greece

What can I say about Mykonos? There really are not enough words. I believe everyone on this earth should be able to experience Mykonos at least once in their lives. It's the most gorgeous island I've ever been to and I hope to continue visiting there. The beaches are unreal; refreshing, crystal clear water and lots of cute little fish to see. The restaurants and shopping are both endless. My favorite part about Mykonos is how small is it. You can get from one end of the island to the other in about 11 minutes on a quad. Quads are how most tourists get around along with shuttle buses. There are a select few taxis, so my suggestion is quad since you can go wherever you want, whenever you want. A lot of the beaches require payments for their chairs or umbrellas but that's because there are restaurants and clubs located right next to it. Definitely visit Paradise if you ever make it to Mykonos. By far the most fun I've ever had in my life, both during the afternoon and night.

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