Places In Ohio You Need To Visit This Summer
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Places In Ohio You Need To Visit This Summer

Ohio is not all cornfields and tractors.

Places In Ohio You Need To Visit This Summer
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Ohio doesn't seem like an interesting or fun place to be EVER, trust me I've lived here my whole life. But there are some cool and beautiful places in Ohio you can visit this summer if your budget doesn't allow for Disney World!

1. Cedar Point

Who doesn't love amusement parks? You've probably already heard of it, but this place has all kinds of fun rides for your inner child.

2. Hocking Hills

This place is beautiful inside and out. If you love nature, hiking, kayaking or camping then you will love Hocking Hills.

3. Marblehead

The main attraction of this place is the lighthouse right next to Lake Erie. That's right, you can visit this one before you go into Cedar Point because it's also near the Sandusky Bay! In fact, if you look out onto the horizon you can see the tall roller coasters in the Cedar Point amusement park.

4. The Piatt Castles

These beautiful palaces were built separately by two brothers in the mid 1800's and were lived in by their families. These castles are now museums open for everyone to tour. What can I say? I love a little history.

5. The Ohio Caverns

These caverns were cut a long time ago from an underground river and are now a great tourist attraction. You can explore the underground cave and enjoy the creepy beauty.

6. Columbus Zoo And Aquarium

Don't tell me the zoo is not your favorite place to go, because it is. All of the awesome animals in the zoo and marine life in the aquarium will make for the best day ever.

7. The Mansfield Reformatory

You've probably seen this creepy place on "Ghost Hunters," and if you love haunted places then this is the place for you. They have ghost tours for you and you can stay all night until 5:00 a.m.

8. Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

This Cleveland museum is for all of music lovers. You can see some artifacts from your favorites in this museum from the Beatles to Elvis Presley to Bruce Springsteen. You'll see them all!

9. Serpent Mounds

These mounds date way back in ancient history. They are said to be used by the Adena culture for ceremonial purposes, not as a burial ground.

10. A Christmas Story House And Museum

Okay, I know it will be summer so Christmas or winter is the last thing on your mind, but who doesn't love "A Christmas Story?" You can visit the original house from the film in Cleveland.

Now Ohio isn't so bad, is it? I've visited half of these places myself. These places will be great for you if you're on a budget but want to travel. Plan these trips for your summer vacation and see how you like them. Ohio may be a great vacation spot for you, even if you have lived here your entire life and think you have already seen every cornfield there is to see.

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