10 Different Places To Take A Horse Riding Vacation
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10 Different Places To Take A Horse Riding Vacation

Adventurous Horse Riding Trips

10 Different Places To Take A Horse Riding Vacation
Samantha Clingenpeel

As I have gotten older, I have become interested in more vacation adventures that I can take and include my love for riding horses and take pictures.

1. McGinnis Meadows Cattle & Guest Ranch, Libby, Montana.

This is an opportunity to work with real ranch hands and to participate in cattle sorting and participate in an actual drive.

Cattle Sorting at McGinnis Ranch

2. Lajitas Golf Resort & Spa, Lajitas, Texas.

This is a full-service resort's equestrian center offers lessons and trail riding through the desert mountains bordering Mexico. The resort includes an 18 hole champion golf course, fossil exploration and bird watching expeditions, historical tours and exploring where Comanche and Pancho Villa once roamed.

Trail Ride Lajitas Golf Resort

3. Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming.

This ranch sits south of the Yellowstone National Park, the ride will be a pack trip with a guide, with the wranglers mixing it up and roughing it with the essential comforts. This remains one of the only mean to experience wilderness and other remote, often in restricted areas.

Trail Riding on the Ranch

4. Historical Ride: The Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Ride, Tombstone, Arizona.

This is a five-day historic ide that shadows Wyatt Earp and his posse's trail of retribution against the cowboy faction.

Tombstone Trail Ride

5. Sugarbush Tolt Trek, Vermont.

Riding the Icelandic horses through the countryside of Vermont's Green Mountains. The magnificent views of the ski area, riding through the forest, and neighboring farmlands. The journey continues via "Enchanted Way," a wonderful terrain used by cross-country skiers in winter.

Riding the Icelandic Horse

6. Navajoland, St. George, Utah.

This adventure takes in the most spectacular and interesting parts of the Navajo Indian Reservation. It's deep in the heart of the Southwest Desert. The ancient Anasazi people built a highly developed civilization a 1000 years ago. The ride crosses three distinct portions of the Navajo Indian Reservation, Canyon de Chelly, Monument Valley and Navajo Mountain.

Navajoland Camping on the trail

7. Willamette Coast Ride, Oregon.

An adventure that includes wine tasting and beach riding. It begins in the burgeoning wine country of Willamette Valley, continues through the Coastal Range Mountains, and ending on the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The ride includes the luxury of wine tasting, riding through vineyards, ascending forested mountain trails and having an opportunity to gallop on the beach.

Beach riding on the coast of the Pacific Ocean

8. Scotland: Trail Riding in the Highlands.

This is the only opportunity to ride coast to coast in the UK. The week-long or ten-day rides take the rider through the East, North, and West coast and also beach rides. There is also a seventeen day, 250 miles ride from the East to the beautiful beaches of the North Coast, the beautiful scenery of the wild West Coast, riding out on a huge and snaking loop, and bringing the ride to an end at the beaches of the East.

Coffin Road overlooking Loch Brora

9. Argentina: Ceiling of America Trail.

An adventurous ride through the Aconcagua region among the most massive mountains in America, including its tallest peak, the Aconcagua (23,200 ft).Riding at the heights over 10,000 feet, through the small trails, past unspoiled valleys, and colorful creeks. Witness huge herds of guanacos that still roam free and see where the Andean condors' nest.

Riding through the Mountains in Argentina

10. Greece-Kephalonia

The vacation begins at a German-Greek Ranch, having the opportunity to ride mostly Italian Haflingers.The rider will be able to venture the mountains forested with black conifers, green hills, ancient ruins, herds of goats and donkeys. There is the scent of wild herbs, timeless monasteries, and sandy beaches. It is also the island that Captain Corelli play his mandolin. The accommodations include a small apartment complex and/or with the guides in their own house in the village.

Mountains of Greece

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