Hello dear readers, let's talk dogs. I am all about dogs, I have four of them, I want like 12 more. One of my dogs is a pit bull mix. His name is Snowman and he is a giant sweetheart. He likes to lay on your lap even though he is too big, he likes to eat dandelions, he likes to play with kids and the other dogs in the house. He gets grumpy when he hasn't slept long enough and he likes to steal blankets. He is a lot of things he has a quite amusing personality but he isn't mean. Snowman in the four years that I have owned him hasn't so much as growled at a squirrel. So it like blows my mind when people are afraid of him which happens way more than it should.

I walk Snowman around the elementary school down the street almost every day. Almost every day during the summer there is a group of kids playing on the playground, a lot of the time it is the same group of kids. A lot of the time the kids will run over and pet Snowman because they see him all the time. So for the first time in years of doing this one of the normal kid's mother was there the other day. So when I came around the corner of the building and all the kids saw Snowman they came running over like they always do, which is fine Snowman isn't easily frightened and my two dogs that are the kids know to approach more calmly. This woman who has never seen me or my dog starts yelling at the kids that they can't come see Snowman because he is a pit and pits are vicious. All the kids stop because an adult is yelling at them.

Now as we have already discussed, my dog isn't vicious not even a little bit, we are talking about a dog that only barks on command, I am even sure he would help someone rob my house if they gave him a dog treat. So I of course ignore the woman and tell the kids it's fine he isn't going to hurt them and they are more than welcome to come pet him. I lean back against the wall of the school and let the kids play with Snowman and this woman comes running over and starts yelling at me about how I shouldn't let my "vicious pit bull" play with these kids. I look at my dog who is laying on his back with 7 or 8 kids rubbing his belly his tail wagging and mouth wide open showing off his pit grin and look back at this woman and ask if she is kidding referencing my dog with a hand.

This complete stranger looks at my dog pulling the kids away from him trying to tell me he is baring his teeth at the kids. Snowman of course rolls back on to his feet and walks toward to woman because he is a friendly dog he doesn't understand that this woman is angry. This woman I don't know went to hit my dog like wack him upside his cute little head. I pull Snowman back out of the way because I don't want this crazy lady to hit my dog. I start reading this woman the riot act about how this isn't her dog, how she knows nothing about my dog and she has no right to hit my dog who is approaching her with nothing but kindness.

So here is this lessons you should take away from this article. 1.) Most pits aren't vicious, in fact they are generally a very loving breed of dogs. 2.) While you should always ask to pet a dog just to make sure they are friendly, if someone tells you their dog isn't vicious it isn't. 3.) Don't try to hit someone else's dog who isn't doing anything to you.

In the end the lady apologized because I can be a very scary person when I want to be and I took my dog and went home. The kids still play with my dog all the time and the world has returned to normal. Just remember, kids, puppies want to be your friend.