Sometimes, we all need a little inspiration... especially in times of stress, exhaustion, or even when you're simply overwhelmed. Inspiration, hope, and things of the sort can all be found in the strangest of places... including your Pinterest timeline.

1. When you need humbleness.

Sometimes, we need a reminder that we are never too successful or too well-off to need the Lord.

2. When you feel overwhelmed.

Being overwhelmed is very, very common. Just breathe. Everything is gonna be okay.

3. When you need a purpose.

You have a purpose, I promise. The Lord knows what he's doing. Trust Him.

4. When you need motivation.

Today is the day that you can make a change that the you of tomorrow will thank you for so much. Don't think about now, think about later.

5. When you feel defeated.

Defeat is a feeling that we all know far too well. Defeat is empty. Defeat is painful. But, defeat isn't the end. You're not done. Get up and try again.

6. When you need perseverance.

Be strong, keep moving forward, persevere - just do it.

7. When you need patience.

Take a breath and be patient. It takes time, everything takes time.

8. When you need to be easy on yourself.

You are doing the best you can. Give yourself some credit.

9. When you need to be optimistic.

Keep a smile on your face, there are people all over the world that would kill to be in your shoes.

10. When you need inspiration.

Everyone needs a little inspiration every once and a while, don't doubt that.

11. When you are restless.

Everyone finds themselves restless at one time or another, just remember in those times being strong in your faith is essential.

12. When you're afraid.

Everyone gets scared, everyone has fears, what makes the difference is how one handles the situation.

13. When you' re hurt.

Whether we want it to happen or not. there's a time that we will all be hurt in this world. It's a curse, but it's not a weakness.

14. When you're losing faith.

Keep your faith, always. the Lord has plans for you.