15 Pinterest Boards You've 100% Made As A College Student Pinterest-A-Holic
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Student Life

15 Pinterest Boards You've 100% Made As A College Student Pinterest-A-Holic

What does a college student do when they want to be anywhere but in class? Pin to your travel board of course!

15 Pinterest Boards You've 100% Made As A College Student Pinterest-A-Holic
Erika Glover

What does a college student do when they want to be anywhere but in class? Pin to your travel board of course!

What does a college student do when they want cute new clothes but cannot afford them? Pin outfits to your clothes board that you will *definitely* buy when you get your next paycheck, after rent and food and other necessary things, silly.

And what does a college student do when they are sitting on the couch wishing they had a beach bod? Pin 30-day "bikini butt" challenges to their workout board, duh.

If you ever want to get to know a girl, go to her Pinterest, it will never fail because let's be real ladies, you live vicariously through your boards. Here are a few you most likely have if you have ever even clicked on the Pinterest link:

1. The Clothes Board

This is where all the cute outfits you hope to strut your stuff in around campus goes. Or maybe the 78 business professional outfits that you pinned after starting to adult. That, or the adorable joggers you saw that one girl wearing in your econ class last Tuesday.

2. The Jewelry Board

This is a *hint hint* board for boyfriends, but also where you pin the cute J.Crew earrings that you need to complete the look on your clothes board.

3. The Makeup Board

So mine happens to be makeup and nails, but generally speaking, this board is full of products that are too expensive, blendings that is just FAR too much work, or brows that are just absolutely killing the game.

4. The Travel Board

All those aesthetically pleasing pictures of people traveling to the wonderfully exotic and incredibly beautiful places, yeah this is their home. For all the hundred and one travel destinations on your bucket list, pin them here so when you get there, you know how to take your pictures. (also a great board to go to when you are tired of staring at your dorm walls and are feeling unmotivated.)

5. The Wedding Board

Yeah, so funny story, I have had my wedding planned for about five years now, sorry future man. I hope you're okay with navy suits and bow ties! This one is full of lace trims and perfectly placed diamonds, and cute grooms crying because they see their brides for the first time.

6. The Dorm Board

Alright, but are you even a college student if you don't have a board with about 450 different dorm rooms that are most likely completely different layouts than yours, but, hey — those lights are cute!

7. The Beauty DIY Board

This one is full of all those mildly sketchy, or completely edible, or smoothie-esque facemasks or the million different ways that you use coconut oil to solve world peace (and split ends).

8. The Tattoos Board

Sorry mom and dad, I promise I will make it in a place that you cant see it. But I will also probably not tell you until after I do it. And if or when I do decide to permanently tattoo my body with art, I promise it will be meaningful and won't have skulls or blood.

9. The Cute Babies & Cute Boys Board

THIS IS MY FAVORITE. All the cute toddlers with messy hair and messy hands and messy faces find their home on this board. My kids will have the best throwback Thursday pictures to post one day because of the inspiration from this board.

10. The Hair Board

When scrolling down this board you can also see a progression of times I thought I wanted to chop my hair, or had an itch to die it something crazy. Also around the time for dances or formals, you will see plenty of up-dos that I attempted and drastically failed.

11. The Quotes Board

This board also does a great job showing progression. Mood progression, that is. You can see post-breakups, pre-confidence, in-love-with-Jesus, and i-wish-i-was-funny quotes. This is used when you need something cute to post on twitter or need a new header post or desktop wallpaper.

12. The Workout Board

For all the times that we have been motivated to hit the gym and get the best body possible, this board is for you. For all the times I have actually followed a workout on this, instead of just resorting to run a few miles, this is especially for you.

13. The Cute Animals Board

The ultimate board for all things fluffy with little paw and jelly rolls. I mean come on! The chubbs! This board gets special attention when you're missing your four-legged furry friend back in the hometown.

14. The Prom Board

Shoutout to all those glitzy dresses that only made their debut on this board, because no matter how hard you searched, you could never find them in your price range. Though from high school, this board will never be deleted.

15. The DIY Board

Last but not least, here is the recollection of all those times that you wanted to DIY anything and everything on Fixer Upper or the decorations in that one cute magazine. Will you ever make any of them? Probably not. Is it nice to think maybe one day you'll have that cute DIY coffee table in your living room? Most definitely.

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