I used to be a peer leader in my high school. I remembered that the peer leaders and I went to Camp Bernie in the fall and winter to enhance my leadership skills. I remember the colors game that we played in the winter retreat. The colors game asked me which color truly describes me. The peer leaders and teachers told me which colors they think described me the best. In my opinion, pink is the best color that describes who I am.

This is the answer that I gave to the peer leaders and teachers. Pink is a mix of red and white. I think that white is blank and red gives white a strong feeling or passion to make it look productive. What I mean by this is that the color pink shows that I need motivation in order to do what I need to do. I have goals to achieve and responsibilities that I need to deal with. I also hate wasting time. I want to finish everything so that I can get the biggest reward in the end. In other words, I am delaying gratification because I know that is the best thing for me.

This may not be the only answer to how pink describes who I am. There are other factors that I found on the Internet. I am kind, loving, and generous. I am like that all the time. Pink also means to be thoughtful. That also fits me as well since I have creative stories in my head. Pink even means to love yourself and others. This is true to me as well. Ultimately, pink means the color of hope in psychology. Do I usually see hope in things? After all, I am optimistic most of the time and I usually find a way in the end. So, I guess that I go along with this description as well. Overall, being pink is being me!