You Can Cuddle With Pigs At A Farm In South Carolina
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A South Carolina Sanctuary Is Looking For ‘Piggy Cuddlers,’ And We CAN'T Stop Squealing

Wee Wee Wee are going to South Carolina!

A South Carolina Sanctuary Is Looking For ‘Piggy Cuddlers,’ And We CAN'T Stop Squealing

If you've always wanted a "teacup" pig, but then realized that there's actually no such thing, this might be the pig snuggling opportunity you've been waiting for.

Cotton Branch Farm Animal Sanctuary, an animal sanctuary located in South Carolina, recently posted an add on Facebook calling all pig lovers for the opportunity to be "piggy cuddlers" for the day. WHAT's MORE ADORABLE THAN THAT?!?

As a "piggy cuddler," you'd be tasked with serious stuff like belly scratches, cookie feeding, and sitting and talking with piglets. We couldn't think of a cuter way to spend the day.

But it gets better. Cotton Branch is mainly looking for volunteers to interact with their 100 rescue pigs because they want them to get socialized before adoption. Yes, these pigs are up for adoption!! (If bae gets me one for Valentine's Day, I'll marry him on the spot).

According to the New York Post, these piggies were part of a "horrific hoarding situation" in Kentucky and are now looking for a new home with someone who's REALLY GOOD at scratching bellies.

If you're thinking "there's no way I'm going to fit a pig in my 400-square studio apartment" don't worry! You can still help these cutie pies out by socializing with them to help them become more adoptable, and by guilt-tripping your friend with a backyard into getting one.

If she objects, tell her that pigs can actually be housetrained a lot quicker than dogs (true facts!). Plus, hasn't she watched Babe? I mean, could any animal make a better pet?? I rest my case.

If you're intrigued and want to find out more about how you can help out these piglets, get more info here.

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