Most Popular Pies For Thanksgiving

The 11 Pies That Are Acceptable At Your Thanksgiving Table, Accept No Substitutes

Because we all know some pies are not acceptable at Thanksgiving.


There are some pies that are perfect for summer and others for the colder months! Thanksgiving is about feeling nice and cozy even if it's really cold outside, and these pies will do just that.

1. Apple pie

This one is an obvious top choice. It's basic, sure, but are you actually going to turn down apple pie??

2. Pumpkin pie


A classic. Also, just look at how sexy that pour is!

3. Pecan pie

My cousin once made an AMAZING vegan pecan pie, and I couldn't taste the difference from a regular one, so don't knock it til you try it!

4. Rhubarb pie


It's a rarity, but I was lucky enough to taste one while I was in Kansas. It is so often overlooked!

5. Sweet potato pie with cranberry topping

Ahhh, the annual guessing game of is it a sweet potato pie or pumpkin pie?

6. Cranberry-pear pie

A new take on how to use cranberries this season that people might actually enjoy!

9. Pumpkin cheesecake


OK so it's not a pie, but it's close enough? Plus it's just heavenly.

10. Pumpkin-apple-pecan pie

Wikimedia Commons

For when you just can't decide on one.

You can always stick with the classics, or branch out to new pies this season!

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10 Reasons Brunch Will ALWAYS Be The Superior Meal, Try To Change My Mind...You Can't

Brunch: A quicker way to say "I plan to be wasted before noon!"


Brunch will always be the best meal, and there is no way to tell me otherwise. I do not need a fancy dinner date with $100 food crumbs. I need a date on a Sunday afternoon, PJ's, and mimosas. I need an "end-of-semester" morning outing with my college buddies. I need...brunch.

Brunch is all around a great time of the day. I mean, who can resist the special plates, cheaper dining, and drinking before noon?! Brunch is all around a great time, and here's why.

1. You can eat breakfast and lunch together without judgment (and no one will judge you for picking breakfast at 12pm). 

Metro Diner | Bensalem, PA

Hannah Porter

Breakfast and lunch together: chicken and waffles.

12 p.m.: pancakes please!

Brunch is a time where your food choices are not judged. You can combine and dine!

2. You ​do not ​have to wake up at the crack of dawn.

3 Monkey's Cafe | Philadelphia, PA

3 Monkey's Cafe Instagram

Not trying to wake up at 6 for the "early bird specials". I'm trying to get up around 11am and drink mimosas by 11:01.

3. Mimosas: A.K.A. the only "acceptable" before 12pm alcoholic drink.


Alexa, play "Day Drinkin" by Little Big Town

Champagne and juice: the perfect Sunday combination. Those glasses are deceiving, you can fit a lot of champagne in those things and they go down quick. Which means you'll be feeling it before your meal even comes out!

4. I lied: Bloody Mary's are also acceptable.

Valanni | Philadelphia, PA

Valanni Instagram

If you're into drinking tomato juice and stuff, I suppose.

5. Brunch is cheaper than dinner

Sabrina's Cafe | Philadelphia, PA

Sabrina's Cafe Instagram

My parents had a BRUNCH WEDDING. It was a huge buffet filled with endless breakfast and lunch options. Why? Not only is brunch the best time of the day, but it is also cheaper too! There are some places that offer bottomless brunch options, therefore you will get your money's worth!

6. It is the perfect meal for hangovers

Front Street Cafe | Philadelphia, PA

Hannah Porter

Out all night Saturday? Sleep in and have Sunday brunch! It will cure your hangover (or start you a new one).

7. There is something for everyone

Vegas Diner | Wildwood, NJ

Hannah Porter

Brunch is so diverse. There is always something for everyone, no matter what mood you are in (because it is brunch)!

8. Dieting? Brunch is like, two meals in one. So like, you skipped a meal, right? Dieting and efficient!

Green Eggs Cafe | Philadelphia, PA

Green Eggs Cafe Instagram

(There is something green in the picture, so: dieting)

9. You feel like an "adult" while having fun


Do you see the youngin's going to brunch? No. Going to brunch makes you feel like you are "adulting" and accomplished. You are ready for your day, without starting it at 5 a.m.

10.  Almost forgot, dessert for breakfast!

Honey's Sit-n-Eat | Philadelphia, PA

Honey's Sit-n-Eat Instagram

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5 Charleston Brunch Spots You HAVE To Try

You had me at brunch!


Who doesn't love a BIG chicken biscuit, home fries, and bottomless mimosas?? If you live in Charleston, you know it's the hot spot for brunch! Whether you just want a good meal, a good insta picture, or both, here are 5 brunch spots you have to try!

1. Poogans Porch

Lindsey Ramsey

Tucked away on Queen Street is a beautifully restored Victorian house that serves brunch and dinner daily. By far the best Chicken & Waffles I've ever had! But, if you're not a fan of that, then I highly recommend the Down Home Breakfast. The service is always amazing and you get fresh biscuits while you wait for your food!

2. Millers All Day

Lindsey Ramsey

Located on lower King Street, Millers All Day server's breakfast ALL day. The restaurant opened in 2018 and it's been busy ever since. I HIGHLY recommend you check this place out! I always get the Millers Plate, which has two eggs, bacon, home fries, and a biscuit.

3. Toast!

Emily Christian

Now I've only been here once, but it was SOOO good! It's located at the corner of Horlbeck Aly and Meeting Street and is always popping! When I went I got the chicken biscuit with home fries, and let me tell you I was blown away. It comes with a sweet tea glaze to dip the chicken in AND the biscuit is HUGE!

4. Caviar and Bananas

Emily Christian

Located right in the heart of College of Charleston's campus is every college students favorite restaurant. They serve anything and everything. Before class every morning my friend and I get a bagel, but on the weekends we get brunch. Now their brunch menu has all sorts of things, but we always get a chicken biscuit and potatoes. No joke, their chicken biscuit is the size of your face!

5. Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

Lindsey Ramsey

Do you like biscuits?? Callie's has biscuits of any flavor or sandwich you want. My favorite is the cinnamon biscuit!! They're the perfect size for you to eat 4 at a time. Seriously once you have one you can't stop.

If you haven't noticed I love biscuits and I never stray away from it, but I hope you get to try some biscuits and other things when you visit these places!! Enjoy your brunch!!

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