7 Tips For Picking The Perfect Outfit For Graduation

It's almost that time of year: graduation! Between the stress of finishing your last semester and the excitement of planning the next chapter, it's easy to forget one important piece: what you'll wear to the graduation ceremony. Here are some tips to help you figure out how to look fabulous on this important day:

1. Do start shopping in advance.

The worst feeling in the world is realizing the day of graduation that you don't have anything to wear! Avoid that stressful fiasco by starting your outfit planning and shopping now while you've got plenty of time.

2. Don't think that what you wear doesn't matter.

Yes, you will have a robe on for the ceremony. But before and after, your friends and family will want photos with you. There will be parties and dinners and all sorts of other festivities. What you wear under the robe definitely matters.

3. Do wear comfortable shoes.

Graduation ceremonies involve a lot of standing and walking, so make sure you're in a pair of shoes that won't kill your feet. It's tempting to wear your cutest pair of stilettos but you will regret that decision! If you still want some height, opt for heels instead.

4. Don't assume you must wear white.

Although this might have been the rule for your high school graduation, there's no strict color code for universities. Unless your school specifically says otherwise, feel free to add some color to your outfit.

5. Do wear something with straps.

Even though there are tons of cute strapless dresses out there, stay away from them for graduation day. They look cute in full body shots but in pictures that are taken from the shoulders up, it will make it look like you're not wearing anything.

6. Don't wear going-out clothes.

This is a graduation ceremony, not a club. Stay classy. A good rule of thumb for picking your outfit: don't wear anything you'd be embarrassed to wear to church with your grandmother.

7. Do choose something that makes you feel beautiful.

This day is all about you and celebrating your accomplishments, and you deserve to feel amazing! Make sure your outfit is something you feel confident and fabulous in so that you can fully enjoy this celebratory occasion.

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