10 Reasons I Prefer Physical Books Over Ebooks Even Though I Read Ebooks A lot
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10 Reasons I Prefer Physical Books Over Ebooks Even Though I Read Ebooks A lot

Even though I read a lot of Ebooks these days, I still prefer physical books over them and here are my reasons why.

10 Reasons I Prefer Physical Books Over Ebooks Even Though I Read Ebooks A lot

In this time and age in our lives, there are three book formats out there. There are paperback and softback which to me are the same thing, then there is the hardcover which I think is the preferred format for a lot of people, and then there is the Ebook that started to become popular in the nineties.

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy the former two, the paperbacks and the hardcovers. Together I term them as physical books because they are, well, physically out there. We can touch them, we can carry them, and we can even exercise with them, lol.

However, let me tell you something about me. I am a book reviewer besides being a writer for Odyssey, and the format I read a lot is the Ebook which is cheaper and faster to arrive for me to review. But oh no, I am going to say this and I feel bad about it but I prefer physical books over them. Why may you ask? Well, I have listed my reasons below and let’s get to them shall we?

1. They are more visually attractive

I don’t know about you but I like the colorful artworks and the summaries on the physical books a lot because then I can anticipate what the story will be about. Also, I just simply love art and details. Period.

2. They are easier on the eyes

The text on physical books are easier on my eyes than the screen of kindles or nooks. I mean, my eyes get tired easily when I am reading an Ebook. (But don’t tell anyone I said that!)

3. They are suitable for collectors!

Collectors enjoy physical books more than they would with Ebooks. Enough said.

4. They are apt for note-taking and highlighting

Highlights and marks on physical books are so much more creative and color-coordinated than Ebooks it makes for great organization. And let me add that the tabs or page markers that work well on physical books are so convenient.

5. They are great for studying!

Well, when I was doing my studies online with Southern New Hampshire University, I was always happy when the instructor said the textbooks will be physical because I am one of those people who cannot study with Ebooks. Yup. Now you know!

6. They are ideal for book discussions

I find physical books to be great for book discussions. You can just easily turn to a page when you need to reference the passage you are talking about when you and a group of your friends are discussing a book. You can do this also with Ebooks but it would be much more work…

7. They are excellent for personalizing

With physical books, you can write your name in them or you can even have their authors autograph them for you. With Ebooks, you can’t write your name in them and you can’t have their authors autograph them for you so there’s that.

8. They are wonderful for making memories

Physical books are a wonderful way for us to make memories for years to come. With their ability to hold autographs and personal notes and scribbles, you can always go back to them 10 or 15 years from now and remember how, what, where, why, and when those notes, autographs, etc. came about.

9. They are instruments for fitness and good posture

Physical books are instruments for building your muscles. You can use them as a part of your fitness routine when you carry them to and from school or the library. Women also place them on their heads for developing good posture.

10. They are the reason for libraries to exist

And finally, physical books are one of the reasons for libraries to exist. Need I say more?

And there you have them! My reasons for loving physical books. I do like Ebooks as well for they are more easier to carry around and such, but I would not want them to replace physical books in the near future. Good day!

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