Photography is a way of life

I recently asked a couple of my photography friends, "What does photography mean to you?" I also asked, "What interested them to start being photographers?" These are some of their responses:

One Said: "Photography to me means capturing a moment that will be gone later. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, well, for the photographer, beauty is in the eye of the lens. I've been interested in photography since, oh my gosh, I was a little little kid - I always used my mom's camera to take pictures of stuff. It just amazes me how you could see something, take a picture, and capture that moment and have it come out on a piece of paper or in some other way and it was there forever. I've always been fascinated by photography and seeing something and saying I want to remember this forever."

Another said: "Photography means to me is capturing life moments. To show what I see through the lens."

What got me interested in photography...

I always had a digital camera in my hands growing up. I loved taking pictures of everything... Animals, flowers you name it! During my sophomore year I knew that I wanted to learn more about photography. I went to BOCES for graphics and visual communication and competed in skills USA and went to regionals and states. Then went to ACC for my two years."

I now want to tell you what photography means to me! To me, it means that you capture your most valuable moments in life and keep them forever because you can blink and then its just a memory but if you have the photo you can always just look at it!

What got me interested in photography was that all my life growing up, I was always taking pictures of everything such as school trips, photoshoots with friends, nature, anything you can think of I was taking a picture of it!

My love for photography is just so huge, I wouldn't be able to cope with life without photography!

It's safe to say that the three of us agree on one thing, photography is a great thing and we all wouldn't be where we are today without it in our lives!

I love photography so much, I have started my own little business. Photography is so much more than just a photo to me, it's bringing smiles to peoples faces when they see the pictures I have taken for them!

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