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Owning A Nice Camera Does Not Make You A Professional Photographer, It's A Little More Than That

Don't just pick up a camera just because you like taking pictures, learn the art too.


We are in an age where technology is getting advanced at a rapid pace. And to make money from us the consumers, companies are creating gadgets that entice consumers to want to buy. Some of these gadgets include things like the Amazon Alexa, Apple watches (or any of the smartwatches really), and smartphones that have crystal clear effects and cameras.

Now, don't get me wrong, these fancy gadgets sure are making our lives easier...however, it is also making us lose the creativity that comes with actually coming up with a concept and bringing it into life.

Nowadays, everyone thinks that with a nice editing app and the latest iPhone, they can decide to become professional photographers. But this is not true.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but amazing photography art does not just come with being a good editor or being able to take nice angles of a subject.

One has to actually know the art, and even have the talent for it in order to come up with art that is good enough for everyone to notice and admire. It is really sad to see people deciding to go into photography just because they think that they like taking pictures of random things, and they find themselves depressed later when no one notices their photography. Only a few photographers that have actual talent know what they are doing, and it is easy to spot.

If you think you want to go into being a professional photographer, I would advise that you take a few classes at least from actual talented photographers so you can learn the scopes of what real photography art should be like. We all know beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and everyone has their own taste for what good art looks like. However, everyone also knows what good art looks like regardless. Don't just buy a good camera and decide you want to start taking pictures just because you like it, learn the art.

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