For as long as I can remember I wanted to change how I looked. I wore clothes that were soft, comfortable and cheap. I didn't care what I looked like, and everyone knew it. I hated how people talked about me, and how people talked at me. But this view changed as I got older.

Kenzie Massengale

My family gifted me with my grandfather's camera for Christmas. I absolutely love it. I loved taking pictures of other people and landscapes.

Then my grandfather passed away and I put it up, I couldn't look at it without crying. I didn't know what to do to start feeling better. I was in a very dark place for a while. So I picked it back up and decided to start taking pictures of myself. Thinking of new ideas kept me distracted and gave me something productive to do. It was a creative outlet like I never had before. I loved painting and drawing growing up, but photography is something entirely different.

Autumn Robertson

I changed my wardrobe. My clothes were mostly black before I started. Everything was dark and ill-fitting, either too tight or too loose. I went and started buying clothes that were brightly colored, even some pink clothes. I have always disliked the color pink, I thought it was too cliche. I bought clothes that were modest, and beautiful.

I realized that the clothes I wore had a very big impact on my attitude. If I looked good, I felt good. It funny how colors and mindsets can change the way you take on the day.