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7 Reasons The 'Cities' In The West Are Disappointing Compared To The Midwest

The down-town in pretty weak...

7 Reasons The 'Cities' In The West Are Disappointing Compared To The Midwest

Phoenix, Arizona tends to be the destination for family vacations, snowbird homes, and much more. Growing up near Chicago, I always loved city life, so moving to the heart of a major city in the west was exciting. However, with my big city expectations, Phoenix is pretty bleak for being called a city and here's why:

1. It's a glorified suburb


Growing up in the burbs I know a thing or two about suburban vs city life. The city is supposed to be filled with skyscrapers and events going on every night of the week. The Phoenix skyline is pretty bleak with Chase tower being the tallest building in the city at 40 stories high. Which compared to The Willis Tower (it will always be The Sears Tower in my heart) that stands at 110 stories high is mediocre at best.

2. It's downtown is not a downtown


Phoenix night life is not a thing. You will stumble down downtown Phoenix at 10pm and will not find a soul because there is nothing to do. First Friday's may be the only fun events that maybe keeps people up till 11 taking down their tent for the event.

3. Sports Areas Are The Only Cool Thing In Downtown


While sports are fun, and everyone loves Wrigley and Soldier Field in Chicago. People do not visit Chicago only for the sports. They visit or the theater, the food, the street art, the bean. When people visit Phoenix, Chase Field and Talking Stick just may be the only cool spot to visit.

4. If You Want To Go Do Something You Go To Tempe


If you want to go see a concert, you go to Tempe. If you want to go to a fun event, you go to Tempe. Chicago's does not face competition like that.

5. When You Get To The Top Of A Mountain, You Do Not See Clouds, You See The Pollution Haze


You see that light fog in the background? Yeah, that's not fog, that's pollution. Don't you just want to breathe that right in!

6. The Only Color In The City Is The Sunset, Everything Else Is Brown


The sunsets in Phoenix are like no other; however, their unique color are actually caused by the heightened pollution. The desert is bleak by nature, but the city mimics the bleakness itself with its concrete jungle of tan.

7. Grand Ave Is Actually The Worst


Try turning onto the correct street when finding yourself at a Grand avenue intersection...you'll see what I mean.

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