FRIENDS is such an iconic show that if you haven't seen it, you're missing out! Phoebe Buffay, is just one of these amazing and bubbly characters. With her charm and quirks, she has so many moments that stand out throughout all 10 seasons there's no way to easily choose from them all. But here's a list of 18 moments that describe the life we, as college students, face depicted by some of the best Phoebe moments (not all amazing moments are included).

1. When the person in front of you is walking in the middle of the sidewalk

Or just really slowly... Either way, it's awful and you just want to yell at them to move, but that's not how rational people handle things now is it?

2. Knowing a project is due soon and you have no clue what to do

The procrastination game is STRONG

3. Running to class because you'll be late

Rachel is what you wished you looked like running and in reality, you probably look like Phoebe

4. Having your professor repeat something that they've said four times already

Just stop already and tell us new information!

5. Knowing you should be doing homework, but not wanting to

No one wants to do homework and definitely doesn't enjoy doing it...

6. Meeting someone that's creeps you out and not wanting to give them your name

"There's an opportunity to get really creative"

7. The MOOD you're in after having a bad day

I mean what normal person doesn't go on a rampage after getting really mad??

8. When your roommate is gone so you have a dance party by yourself

You're quite literally dancing like no one is watching because well... no one is.

9. When you have a professor that you almost can't stand

Every class, you're complaining about wanting lecture to just be over and not have to listen to this person talk at you anymore. We've all been there and it's unfortunate, but they make the class less enjoyable than it possibly already is.

10. Staying up super late and then looking at the clock

This is the moment you realize you have to be up for that 8am and it's 5:30am... It just hurts.

11. Not failing a test you thought you did

It's great because not only did you not fail, you did decently (or so you hope)!!

12. Seeing the one person you didn't want to see walking around on campus

Literally it's the worst.

13. When nothing in the dining halls sounds appetizing

I mean... something's better than nothing right?

14. Trying to be nice to someone in a group project that you can't stand

You're really just trying to get this project done, but you can't stand them and it makes it 10 times worse.

15. Realizing how long you've been at school

It makes you miss the freedom of summer and even more, it just makes you want to go on break more. Counting the days until Thanksgiving!

16. Realizing that you have so many tests coming up

Now that testing season is up and running just makes you that much sadder.

17. That feeling you have when you leave campus for the weekend

But you know that later will be the feeling of having to go back before too long.

18. Ranting to your friends about something and they try to help

I appreciate the help, but let me just speak please!

Don't get me wrong, there's so many more that I could include because Phoebe is just so dang relatable, but that list would go on and on...