9 Phobias Basically Everyone Has That You Don't Even Know Of

9 Phobias Basically Everyone Has That You Don't Even Know Of

I many not be able to pronounce all of these phobias, but I can relate to most of them!

Ricki Hemstreet

So, I've been watching a lot of Criminal Minds lately, starting from season one. I won't tell you the gory specifics of how I got this idea (Hint: S3E3), but let's talk about specific phobias. I want to talk about some that you've probably never heard of, but can definitely relate to.

1. Aichmophobia

This one is the fear of needles, and I have it. I get queasy and my chest tightens when people just talk about needles. I most definitely can't look at them.

3. Gelotophobia

The fear of being laughed at. Okay, I've been working on this one. I've noticed that people who can laugh at themselves are much happier in life. I suppose the fear of people laughing at me is intensified by the fear of them noticing that I'm embarrassed.

4. Glossophobia

The fear of speaking in public. This is one that haunts me. I (clearly) am more of a writer. Even small things like class introductions horrify me if I don’t have notes.

5. Lygophobia

I’ve always had a fear of the dark. Honestly, it doesn’t seem that unreasonable anyway. First of all, we’re mammals and we don’t function as well in the dark, and secondly I can’t see ANYTHING.

6. Neopharmaphobia

Yeah, I have a fear of new drugs. It’s definitely a combination of commercials and too much House, MD. The internal bleeding side effect never seems worth the mild pain relief.

7. Paralipophobia

The fear of neglecting responsibilities. You know that feeling when you know you need to get something done, but you’re avoiding it? Honestly, the feeling of putting it off forever is half the fear.

8. Soteriophobia

The fear of being dependence on others. This one definitely stems from a fear of them turning on me one day and telling me everything I am is because of them, and that in all reality they don’t like me. Weird fear.

9. Zelophobia

Lastly, the fear of jealousy. It’s probably because jealousy is the worst feeling ever, and secondarily because it tells me I’m insecure about something.

Hey, if there's a name for it, we must not be the only ones. Share this with someone who has these phobias. Here's to another year, and another chance to get over them!

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