When I got my new puppy Chief, I really was not sure I would be up for the new, hyper puppy running around the house. Crate training, potty training, etc, was exhausting but he is the sweetest thing ever and I love him.

The thing about it is that it took a lot of effort, to make sure I am giving my dog the best life.

We all know those people. They get a dog, cat, any kind of animal and then 3-4 months down the line are posting on facebook about how they can not keep it. How it is too much work.

A new job, living situation, or the animal simply grew out of the puppy/kitten/baby stage and they are "done" with it.

Ya know, trash people.

I know the thought of a new puppy or kitten is just so exciting. How it would be so fun to have a new little friend to play with.

But PLEASE remember to think of all of the possible outcomes before you bring a pet into a situation.

The expenses, vet bills, food, shelter, and basically everything it would need. Animals are so adorable but they never asked to be domesticated, so if you bring them into your life, make it a good one.

Pets are not disposable and are really only around for you. So make sure that you are giving them the most effort possible. Dumping a pet, selling a dog once they get out of the puppy stage is wrong and horrible to the animal.

So, always think before you bring a pet into your life that you can not put 100% effort, love, and patience into. It involves a lot of time to have a pet of any kind.

They are only a part of your life, but you are all of theirs, so treat them right.