I... A Dog

Another morning. Today will be a fun day! I can see and hear individuals moving around in the house however nobody comes outside to beware of me. They are talking and snickering; I wish I could be with them. I'm hungry and parched. I tipped over my food and water bowls the previous evening when I got tangled in my chain. The chain is too tight and it's cutting into my neck.

The people in the house are all taking off. I attempt to keep running toward them with my tail wagging, hoping they will see me, yet my chain snaps me in reverse and I tumble to the ground. It's no utilization! I'm not certain what I should do to pass the time. I can't shield the house with the chain on, trying to choke me. I don't have any toys to play with and there are no other mutts to stay with me. Perhaps on the off chance that I bark, by one means or another will demonstrate to me what to do or come and play with me – I choose to bark throughout the day.

The animal bylaw officer arrives and posts a notification on the entryway of the house. He takes a glimpse at me. Do I look terrible? I know I'm messy however it's difficult to stay clean when I'm continually sitting on earth. I put in circles and snarl and bark at him since I don't recognize what else to do. I bark at other individuals passing my yard as well. The smallest individual from the house has returned. Possibly he will play with me!

He doesn't. I go to the bathroom in the same spot I generally go, a couple of feet from shelter. The rest of the people are home. One of them removes the notification put by the bylaw officer and shouts at me to quit barking. I pace back and forth, befuddled. I can smell food in the house now. One of the individuals comes out to feed me. He has food in one bowl and water in the other. I can feel his warmth and feeling very happy I jump towards him to express my gladness! Alas, both the dishes tumble down on the ground and soil his garments. Another scolding and another reason behind why I'm not permitted to live indoors with the family.

Another lonely night. I dream about being on a chain. Stranding to death.

Be loving to pets. If you cannot stay with one, please do not have one. Also, part with them with grace. We don’t need to witness disasters to start being human.

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