1. Stepping onto the subway before everyone gets off first.

This is like trying to move into someone's parking spot before they back out. The train won't leave you. And if it does, there's another one coming.

2. Stepping onto the subway and just stopping.

As in, not moving in all the way so you are blocking people behind you.

3. Stopping on the stairs of the subway...

Or moving slowly because you are reading your phone, or worse, playing Candy Crush on your phone.

4. Stopping abruptly on the street to take a photo.

Always assume there is someone behind you, because there always is. Just because you're not driving here, doesn't mean there isn't traffic. It's just People Traffic.

5. Walking in a horizontal line if there are more than two of you.

The streets of NYC are wide because so many people walk, but it's just rude to consume the entire sidewalk because you're afraid to break off from your pack of friends and miss out on the conversation about how the barista messed up your PSL order.

6. Similarly, walking in a slow, unpredictable zigzag pattern or not walking on the right side of the sidewalk, or the right side of the stairs.

Unless you're living in London and on the Tube all the time, we drive on the right side of the road here; we walk on the right side, too, here in New York.

7. Taking a long time to make up your mind.

Always be ready with your coffee and/or bagel order.

8. Not offering your seat to an elderly person, someone with a disability or injury, a pregnant woman, or a family.

9. Taking photos or videos of musicians or street performers without paying them.

It's not a requirement, but if they entertained you enough to cause you to stop, and possibly give you some interesting content to put up on your social media accounts, throw them a quarter. (OK, maybe not a quarter because you will become very protective over these for laundry days. Maybe a few nickels, dimes, or even a dollar bill if they're super great.)

10. Not raising your umbrella when you pass people on the street.

Those things can take an eyeball out!

11. Not having your Metrocard out and looking for it while in front of the turnstile.

Move aside until you have it and are ready to swipe it and pass through.

12. Inconsistent temperatures of indoors versus outdoors.

It's either sticky, humid hot outside and overbearingly cold in buildings during the summer, or freezing cold outside, and sweltering in all the cafes. Can't we make it match just a little more, so it's not such a shock to our systems when we venture outside?

13. Making out on the street.

I get it. You're young and in love and your apartment barely allows enough space for your cotton balls. But try to keep the groping and slithering tongues to a minimum, especially when it's noticeable enough to make kids stare in wonder.

14. Crotches in your face.

The subways get very crowded, especially depending on the subway line and time of day. There will be some days when people will be pressing their bodies against yours; some days you'll be lucky to get a seat, but then have nowhere else to look but the man (or woman)'s crotch right at eye level with you.

15. Bicyclists not following traffic laws.

If the cars are stopped at a red light, this does not mean bikers can pedal on through the intersection. They are fast and can cause an accident, too.