I love Penn State, but oh my lord, there are some infuriating things here. Just like on every campus, some college kids have no manners, no common sense, and no common courtesy.

Here are fifteen of the most relatable annoyances on campus:

1. The bikes

They are a menace to all students. Penn State is NOT a bike friendly place.

2. People taking up an entire table in the HUB... Rude

So annoying when you're on the prowl for a seat and spot those nice circle table and then see theres ONE person sitting there taking up the whole spot.

3. Needing Lion Tutors to pass intro level course!

...Math 21, I'm talking about you....I would have FAILED simple algebra. UGH.

4. Getting the plague every year

This place is a cesspool of germs, especially in the dorms.

5. People who take your unassigned assigned seat in class

I get incredibly offended, and it's simply an attack when someone does this.

6. Terrible State College drivers

You haven't lived in State College if you haven't had any close calls on the one way streets.

7. People who play their music extremely loud on headphones in the lib

Yes sir, while I'm trying to teach myself an entire semester of notes I definitely want to hear the terrifying music you are listening to.

8. Nothing edible to eat in dining halls on weekends

It's either frozen meals or laxative heavy buffet meals. UGH.

9. When the white loop randomly decides to stop

I love when you are in a race to class and the whoop suddenly just decides to stop for 13 minutes at one stop for reasons which we don't understand!

10. Construction on every corner

It is impossible to have a semester without one building being torn down and another one put up.

11. Chain smokers

My LEAST favorite thing of all time. This is a smoke-free campus and yet I walk out of the HUB or Lib every day and see a posse of people posted up chain smoking.

12. People who vape in your face

I just love getting a cloud of mango vape thrown into my nose.

13. Slow walkers

C'mon we all have 8,000 places to be. There is NO time to be lolly gagging around.

14. The squirrels

And last but not least— The SQUIRRELS! They are creepy little creatures with no chill who will be six inches from you and just stare into your soul.