I Went Pescatarian For 30 Days And I Truly Enjoyed The Changes In My Eating Habits
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I Went Pescatarian For 30 Days And I Truly Enjoyed The Changes In My Eating Habits

My diet was mainly fish and vegetables.

I Went Pescatarian For 30 Days And I Truly Enjoyed The Changes In My Eating Habits

I have become increasingly interested in varying aspects of health and wellness, my eating habits becoming the new obsession for me. I have gone on the Whole30 diet a few times and saw amazing results, but following such a strict dietary routine can be a financial strain at times.

In August, I decided that for the month of September I would go on a pescatarian diet. I cut out beef, pork, and chicken while increasing my vegetable intake. The first week was fairly difficult, being a major connoisseur of all forms of chicken (especially nuggets). However, once that first week was over, I found it easier to dismiss temptation. I fell into a decent meal rotation and never felt like I wasn't getting enough protein, even though I participate in moderate exercise and walk around the Texas A&M campus all day, every day.

Now here I am, over 30 days later, feeling great about my eating habits. I still miss everything about fried chicken and chicken nuggets, but not enough to return back to my old ways of eating (not to mention my eating out has decreased tremendously, saving me lots of money). The benefits have been exponential, but I noticed three major changes:

1. My skin cleared up almost instantly 

I have always struggled with acne, and one of the main factors that always helps is clearing up my diet. Consuming more vegetables really does give you that "glow."

2. I began to have more energy 

Meat is a really heavy food product, and cutting it out made me feel a sense of lightness, probably due to the vegetables flushing out toxins from my body.

3. I slept way better at night 

This goes hand-in-hand with my increase in energy. I found it easier to fall asleep and wake up in the mornings because I was not bogged down by heavy foods.

If you are looking for a way to clean up your eating habits, I highly recommend trying pescatarian for 30 days. I have really enjoyed the benefits; I'm not saying I'll never eat red meat or chicken again, but for now, I think I have made a fairly-permanent change in my diet.

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