Unpopular opinion: I do not like Thanksgiving. It's not because of some moral reason about what the holiday stands for, it's not because my family drives me insane (which they do), but it is because I hate Thanksgiving food.

To me, turkey is tasteless and dry, green bean casserole is too soggy, and who wants to put something in their mouth after it was up a turkey's butt? The food, to my family, is the only reason we celebrate. We see each other way too often, so Thanksgiving is not a special time of gathering. It is a time to feast, and I do not feast, so I hate the holiday.

I walk around my dad's house talking to family, while my family stuffs their faces, just waiting to go out after the dinner is over so I can get a decent meal.

This is not a recent occurrence. Even when I was little I hated the meal. My grandmother always made me a separate meal because I disliked all the food the other family was eating. She would make me chicken and dumplings or soup to make sure I was fed.

I don't judge others for eating the food they find so delicious. Honestly, I wish I loved Thanksgiving food- I do love to feast whenever I get the opportunity, but this coming Thursday is not that time.

I'll walk around my house, entertain my family, and wait. Wait for the minute I can get in my car and find something that won't get stuck in my throat nor be so slimy it slides right down it. I'll get myself something that I can stand, and still think about my hatred for the Turkey Day.

The only decent thing that comes from this holiday is the Macy's Parade and the fact that the TODAY show anchors host it.