I'm The Person That Laughs At Everything

Everyone has something they're known for. In my hometown, at my college and at my job, I'm known for laughing at everything. I'm that person. Every environment has this type of person and they are either loved or hated. They are either known as adorable or annoying.

As this type of person, I see both sides and I don't blame anyone for hating it or thinking I'm annoying. However, I love being the person who always laughs. I laugh because I'm happy. I laugh because laughing puts me in a better mood. I laugh because laughing spreads happiness to other people.

Whether you love it or hate it, I think the question everyone is asking is, "What exactly are you laughing at?" I always get asked why I am laughing or if they are actually being funny. Most of the time, no, you are not funny but who cares! If laughing puts everyone in a better mood, embrace it and enjoy it! I thought I'd finally answer this lingering question and break down what exactly is making me laugh so much.

40% of the time, I'm in a good mood.

I'm generally a happy person. When I'm in a good mood, all I do is smile and laugh. When people aren't in the greatest mood, I try to spread happiness and positivity by smiling and laughing. Like they always say, laughter is the best medicine! Laughing makes me feel great and makes other people feel great. What's the problem with laughing and smiling and just being happy?

30% of the time, I didn't understand what you said so I decided to laugh.

I absolutely hate asking people to repeat themselves because I hate when people ask me to repeat myself. Most likely, it's just small talk that I wasn't paying attention to or it's about something I just do not care about, so I just decide to laugh. Most of the time, it works and laughter was the right answer and other times, people end up repeating themselves without me having to ask! Either way, it's a win-win for me.

15% of the time, I felt awkward or uncomfortable in a situation.

You know that guy in Biology that asked you on a date and there is not even a 1% chance of you going but you don't want to be mean? Just laugh it off. Or what about that one aunt of yours that has to tell every single detail about how she made her cucumber salad? All you have to do is laugh. It's the perfect way to change the subject without being rude.

10% of the time, I felt bad that your joke wasn't actually funny so I laughed.

"Am I really this funny?" is something I get asked on an everyday occasion. We'll just be blunt about this one. No.

5% of the time, you were actually funny.

Sometimes, you are funny and your jokes deserve a genuine laugh. However, it does take an outstanding joke for you to fit in this 5 percent; otherwise, I'm probably just in a good mood.

There you have it! You're welcome.

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