The Market on Perry located on Mississippi State's campus is one of the most loved and busy eating facilities on campus. From my experience as a student, it is best known for their breakfast and the good food. They offer different meals on different days and you can always find the menu for the day here. They accept mainly block meals in addition to flex dollars, debit/credit cards, and cash. This makes it easily accessible to students, visitors, and staff.

Within the past week, The Mississippi Department of Health came to The Market on Perry and identified that they deserved a C grade on their health inspection. They announced this on both their website and a Facebook post that went viral between Mississippi State students. The MS Department of Health gives classification for every grade to know what the issues were. According to them, a C "means that a serious violation was found (and possibly corrected) during the inspection."

In normal restaurants, a C is not that big of a deal, or at least to me personally, because then you know to just not eat there and you have other options. If you do not know if a restaurant has a grade C or not you can search their database here to ensure you are always eating at a healthy restaurant.

Although, The Market on Perry is different. This being a restaurant on a campus where many students live off of meal plans and depend on Mississippi State to provide them with accessible food. According to the detailed report made after the inspection, The Market on Perry failed to have proper cold holding temperatures for their food. This violation is the only violated reported, but it was not confirmed if the violation was corrected or not.

So now we have to ask ourselves is this acceptable for college students?