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12 Perks Of Being Vegetarian

Go green, all the cool kids are doing it.

12 Perks Of Being Vegetarian

I battle various food intolerances. Going vegetarian has benefitted my health and overall wellbeing exponentially. The research backs why going vegetarian has life-changing effects. Becoming a vegetarian can lead to health deficiencies if nutrients are not being consumed as suggested. I personally take iron and B12 supplements, because I already had low levels prior to becoming vegetarian. As well as eating protein bars for snacks.

2. I'm no longer bloated all the time. 


I have regained so much self confidence now that I am less bloated. I seriously looked pounds heavier, when it was genuinely just severe bloating.

3. I've discovered various different foods. 


I enjoy trying different vegetables, fruits, beans, and grains.

4. I'm overall more conscious of what I consume. 


Avoid those GMOs, trans fats, saturated fats, additives, and preservatives. It's nearly impossible to avoid these components, but the more conscious you are of their negative effects on health, the more likely you are to choose natural foods.

5. I stopped eating cafeteria food. 


Gotta love getting the, "You still go here?" when I am spotted in the cafeteria. It's laughably almost a compliment.

6. I no longer drink milk, rather I drink almond milk. 


I do NOT miss throwing up from regular milk.

7. Avocado oil works wonders. 


Avocado oil is low in fat, helps with nutrient absorption, smoother skin, gum health, eased joint pain, stronger hair, and is heart healthy. It contains folate, vitamin C, vitamin B5 and B6, and potassium.

8. I've lost fat. 


Lovin' myself more and more with the progress I have made. I had gained weight due to the combination of new medications & a traumatic event. I didn't let it stop me.

9. I have fewer migraines. 


I used to have migraines every single day, for at least 4 hours a day. I am so thankful for the relief I have experienced since dietary changes. Had I known how strong the link between diet and migraines are, I would have gone vegetarian far sooner.

10. My hormones are more stable. 


I no longer feel like I am on my period constantly.

11. I read food labels more often. 


If you catch yourself saying "what even is this??" when reading a food label, use the Google and/or kindly set the item down.

12. Disease prevention!!!


Harvard Health shares that out of 76,000 test subjects, vegetarian are at a 25% less likely to die of heart disease. Also, people who avoid eating red meat are less likely to develop colon cancer. Vegetarians are 50% less likely to develop Tye 2 diabetes.

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