This Is How I Picture The Perfect Snow Day

This Is How I Picture The Perfect Snow Day

I fully understand why adults dislike snow.


Snohomish is a pretty normal place. There's a river, some shops, and as many Starbucks' as any other city. Personally, I really enjoyed growing up in a town like this, where a world of activities was in a range of 20 miles, but my town was different than others for one reason: it just wouldn't snow. As a kid, I remember seeing pictures of myself as a baby bundled up out in the snow, with at the very least one foot of powder. All of the sudden, the snow stopped; it started to be a treat to see even the smallest flurry every year.

My only complaint about Snohomish is that it's a grey area, both metaphorically and physically. The weather for a solid 80 percent of the year basically is just cloudy, not even raining, it just had the presence of clouds. Metaphorically speaking, though, Snohomish is grey because it's in between two extremes. It's close enough to the Pacific Ocean that there can be quite a bit of rain all at once, but close enough to quite literally anywhere else that it can get seasons. However, it's far enough away from both sides that the weather meets itself in the middle, causing consistent seasons to be seemingly nonexistent.

I fully understand why adults dislike snow. It's cold, it's a mess to drive in, and when it's that cold, pipes burst and damage can be done. As a kid though, you don't notice these things. You're only concerned with the magic that is a snow day off of school.

There was one year that it snowed about three feet, which was basically unheard of. We were out of school for at least a week, which, again, was basically the opposite of anything we've ever known. Everything was closed, but, as I was in third grade, it didn't matter to me. Luckily, my friends lived close enough to us that they were able to come over and we went legitimately sledding for this first time in a few years.

Previously, we used our sleds to slide down what could be referred to as a frozen hill. No snow, just frost. That year was different. That year, tons of kids gathered on the second biggest hill in the neighborhood, and every kid waited and traded sleds. At that point, each of us was young enough that either we had a younger sibling or our parents would all come out and sled with us, which was arguably the lamest part of the day.

On that day, my best friend at the time came over. My friend Maggie had a sister who was the same age as my little sister, so the four of us hung out together. That day, after we went sledding, we made the trek back to my house, where my mom had made us snacks and had turned on the first "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" movie, which was a sign of the time, I guess. For the rest of the day, we gave each other the cheese touch, drank cocoa, and watched the snow continue to fall.

Winter has always been my favorite season. The first snowfall of the year is the most magical day of the year, somehow even more magical than Christmas morning or my birthday. When I picture snow, I see glints of light, like the snow is sparkling, just calling me towards it. To this day, the thought of a snow day makes me more excited than the thought of taking a vacation to somewhere tropical or going to Disneyland, two very exciting things.

At the ripe, old age of 18, I picture a snow day being one of the greatest things that could happen. I love the snow, and I love the feeling I get when I share a mug of cocoa with my best friends. The forecast for this weekend shows more snow, and my fingers are crossed.

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15 Reasons Why Winter Is My Favorite Season

Winter doesn't always have to be miserable and cold.

It seems like winter weather in New York always comes quicker than we expect it to. Summer comes to an end, fall weather lasts for a brief three seconds, and then we feel the brisk air of winter coming. I've lived in New York my entire life so this is not my first rodeo and I can definitely tell you winter can suck sometimes. Most people hate the snow, the cool breeze, and the dreary winter season but it's all so much more than that! There are more reasons to love the winter season than to hate it, think about the holidays and being able to overload on carbohydrates (thanks for coming to an end bikini season). Here are my fifteen beautiful reasons on why winter is my favorite season.

1. Layering.

Winter is the only time you can layer all your favorite clothes into one outfit! Add a scarf, a sweater, a flannel, and a coat while still looking put together.

2. Winter drinks.

For all the Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts addicts, winter is the best time for hot drinks. Hot cocoa, salted caramel lattes, hot apple cider, can life get any better?

3. Snow!

How could anyone hate the prettiest part of winter? Build a snowman, have a snowball fight, or just enjoy the view. Sometimes getting snowed in is the best part of winter.

4. Christmas lights.

What's a better way to get into the Christmas spirit? Take a walk past Rockefeller Center in Manhattan to feel the magic around Christmas time.

5. Snuggling up next to the person you love.

What's better than snuggling and Elf?

6. Warm clothes.

Mittens, scarves, wool socks, and sweaters? I want to wear all of you. Come right this way!

7. Curling up in bed with a good magazine or book.

Just giving you another reason to be lazy and never want to get out of bed. (PS you might finish an entire series of books if you do this, I'm totally guilty of this.)

8. Holiday parties.

Everyone's favorite party of the year, the ugly Christmas sweater party! Nothing like wearing a funny, vintage, or just plain hideous ugly Christmas sweater to win some prizes. (Or just to go to the party for the free food, also guilty.)

9. Traveling.

For the winter holiday season, most people have a little bit of time off from work or school. Winter break is the perfect vacation for a cabin retreat. Visit a ski resort or a snowboarding lodge with your loved ones and relax for the weekend. Make sure you don't forget your ski's and lots of warm clothes!

10. Dogs in sweaters.

You've got to be a really evil human to not love everything about this. I'll take ten dogs in sweaters please.

11. Comfort food.

Comfort foods most popular day, Thanksgiving. The best winter holiday besides Christmas. Please pass the mashed potatoes, biscuits, stuffing, and everything that's unhealthy because I want it all.

12. Christmas!

My favorite day in winter is Christmas. Everything leading up to Christmas makes me love winter even more. Christmas carols, getting caught under the mistletoe, candy canes, ginger bread houses, stockings, and especially Christmas morning (the only morning of the year I don't mind getting up for).

13. New Years!

New Years kisses, New Years resolutions, and the change of pace for the New Year is always refreshing.

14. Giving back.

There's plenty of ways to give to people to make them have a wonderful Christmas. Operation Christmas Child is an organization to bless Christmas presents to children in need around the world. Toys for tots is also another program you can be involved in, it gives toys to children whose parents cannot afford to buy them presents.

15. Being grateful for what you have.

Although you should be grateful every day and not just the holiday season, winter is a reminder that home is where the heart is.

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Saying 'Thank U, Next' To Winter

Seriously, warm weather can't get here soon enough.


With spring break coming up in the next few days, all of us Midwesterners are surely dreaming of sunnier days. When the sun comes out, smiles come out with it! Here are 10 reasons I'm ready to say "Bye, Felicia" to the dreary winter months and "Hey Sisterrrr!!!" to spring and summer.

1. Layers on layers on layers

I am so tired of having to put on 15 billion layers just to go to class! I definitely took the days of walking to class in gym shorts and a t-shirt for granted.

2. Dry skin (Yuck!)

I feel like no matter how much I hydrate and moisturize, the second I step out into the cold, my skin cracks! I know sweating isn't much better, but at least I'm not itching dry patches all day long.

3. Hat hair for days

Do I disappoint my mom by not covering my ears when I go to class, or do I disappoint my hundreds of fans on the quad by wearing a hat over my wonderful hair? Just kidding! Disappointing my mom is not on the agenda, so hat hair it is!

4. Walking to class in the arctic tundra

High schoolers: trust me when I say, the walk from the parking lot to the building is nothing. Leaving my dorm to walk across the quad always makes me wonder: is the degree even worth it, dawg?

5. Pedicures are pointless

As much as I love buying myself new boots for the season, I firmly believe that life is better when I'm wearing flip flops. I mean, what's the point of paying money for pedicures if I'm just gonna hide them behind some boots?

6. Iced coffee, sans judgement

Do I still get iced coffee during the winter? You bet your mittens I do! But when warmer weather rolls around, I can get it without being looked at like a crazy person on the quad, and that makes it a whole lot better!

7. Frozen cars and angry drivers

First, having to defrost my car makes me angry. Then, having my car not start makes me angry. Then, slow drivers and icy roads make me angry! All in all, winter drivers are the worst. In summer, rollin' with the windows down, music blasting: that's bliss

8. Snow isn't magical anymore, it's just slush

In November, whenever it started to snow, we all got excited and ran to take pictures. Now, it's all slushy and dirty, and when there's snow in the forecast, this GIF is how I feel.

9. The whole campus, like, always has the flu??!?!

Especially living in the dorms, the tidal wave of sickness is inevitable. And as soon as one person gets over it, another one catches it! Wash yo hands, people!

10. The billions of bruises from the icy sidewalks

Yeah, we've all seen someone do this exact dance on the way to class, haven't we?

Winter, it's been fun, but I think it's time for you to go.

The beginning of winter taught me love, with the pretty snow and holiday cheer.

The middle of winter taught me patience, with the slushy streets and jam-packed traffic.

The end of winter taught me pain, with the agony of waiting for spring to arrive.

And now, if only spring could come, I could say, "I'm so amazing!"

Stay warm and stay healthy, Midwesterners. Warm weather approacheth, I can feel it!

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