Perfect Is Not Attainable

As finals week come to a close, many of us may begin to question ourselves. We will stress over what grade we got on that exam. Why we did not hand in that extra credit assignment. The most common of them all, what will this do to my GPA? Although, the black and white text posts that will appear on our Facebook and Instagram feed "GPA doesn't matter" may be a comforting thought. The looming burden of tuition, job prospects, and just succeeding as a person is a lot to take in.

I will speak of memes again because they have consumed the internet. I love the meme about college students that says how I am expected to complete assignments, work, sleep, social life, and such.

Back to the original point, being a college student is not easy. Being a person is not easy, and we are trying to obtain "perfection". Lost story short, perfection is not attainable because it is not a thing. Human beings have flaws, animals have flaws, even nature has flaws. Thus, why do we consume our thoughts with this preconceived notion that we need to be perfect? I have pondered this question for many years now, and have yet to find a set conclusion.

Truth is, you will mess up a lot. Life will be amazing and then it goes to hell. It happens, you just have to power through and hope for the best. Dwelling on the missteps does not lead to success. It just leads to a bunch of nights where you overthink and get no work done. Instead, you sit in a dark room lit by a computer screen watching aesthetically pleasing routine videos on youtube. We have all been there, watching a vegan/raw recipe while eating a bag of chips and ice cream.

Be grateful that finals are over, give yourself a pat on the back. You finished a semester worth of college or even high school. That is impressive because school is rough. Even if you have a job and adulting. Well, first thing first, congratulations. Second, no one thinks when school is over life gets easier. Quite the contrary actually. But, the most important thing is that you focus on what you did well. Rather than ponder that single mistake you made for a month.

Be proud of yourself and just keep going from there. It is easy to work towards a goal that you can achieve because you have already achieved a lesser goal. Just do you, or don't plan at all. Stay in bed for a couple days and binge watch a show. Life is short. Do what makes you feel alive and happy, whatever that may be.

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