The 9-Step Guide To A Perfect Beach Day
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The 9-Step Guide To A Perfect Beach Day

Beach days are enjoyable no matter where you live, even if your water isn’t crystal clear like it would be in Florida!

The 9-Step Guide To A Perfect Beach Day
Beyond Paisley

So you check the weather – and it’s hitting the 90s. You are well aware that any activity you plan for today will either have you cooped up in a room with the air conditioning on full blast or have you sweating through your shirt outdoors. If this is just a day off and you're planning on hanging out with your friend, then the beach is the place to be. Go through your closet and find the bathing suit and pop it right on. Add a tank and shorts for the drive there, towels to dry and lie on, get a cooler filled with ice and drinks, and grab a bag of chips. You’re now pretty much good to go. You don’t have to worry about having a hot and sweaty day and you can still enjoy every bit of fresh air with your friends. Here’s my version of the perfect beach day itinerary.

1. Start a jamming car ride.

You saw your friends, and your day is just starting. Play some real hip hop and get the energy flowing in the car. The beach is a great place to relax, but at the beginning of the day you want to make sure you have enough energy and excitement to get everything started.

2. Have a tasty bite for lunch.

Beach side restaurants are known for their food, and, if you hit them during lunch, you even get lower prices with no long lines. You are going to be too tired to savor the flavor of surf taco at night anyway, so you might as well eat now. You’ll also need the energy from this meal because, as relaxing although everyone claims the beach is, it can get pretty exhausting.

3. Claim your area.

This is really important. You want the best spot such that none of your stuff gets wet. But, you also want to be close enough that you can feel the ocean breeze.

4. Be one with the wave.

Don’t slouch the whole time. Get thrown and bent out of shape by the waves. Let them smack you all about. A day in the waves is the equivalent of any leg day you’ve ever done. Try to stand your ground and ride the waves, even go under some of the really large ones. Don’t let the ocean scare you, it’s just water!

5. Lie down and snack.

You’ll definitely start to feel a little wiped out, so this is the perfect time to pull out those munchies and drinks. Let loose with some music on your speakers, or, if you don’t have speakers, just put your phone in an empty cup.

6. Ocean’s calling again.

For those of you water lovers like myself, dive in once more before the high tide hits. Get washed out a couple times, and let the ocean have its fun. You can sit around anywhere, but you can only get splashed by nature at the beach.

7. Do nothing.

This is your perfect do nothing hour. Right before the sun sets, just lie there on your front or your back. For the book lovers, this is your time to enjoy. Pick up your favorite novel and let the ocean breeze comfort you as you read.

8. It’s pizza time!

This perfect end to a day at the beach is some nice, hot, east coast pizza. The thin crust is only that popular here, so enjoy it as much as you can. You’ll be so tired that you’ll feel like you are enjoying the best pizza of your life.

9. Have a relaxing car ride home.

Everyone’s tired and drained. Play some throwbacks, some T-Swift, or country, and just listen and chill after your perfect day at the beach.

There you have it. A perfect day, even if your water isn’t crystal clear like it would be in Florida. Beach days are enjoyable no matter where you live!

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