The 2018 Grammys sparked a huge frustration with fans over multiple reasons. These are a few reasons people, including me, didn't enjoy the Grammys this year:

1. There was a divide between people on the night of the 2018 Grammys. Ed Sheeran’s win for “Best Pop Solo Performance” won over his competitors Kesha, Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Lady Gaga. So many people believed that he should not have won for a song over the other songs with powerful messages.

2. The Grammys were exceptionally horrible for women this year. Twitter outraged with the hashtag #GrammySoMale since there was a major gender gap and people were not happy.

3. Not enough awards were presented. Only nine awards were presented on the almost four-hour telecast.

4. Lorde was the only woman nominated for the “Album of the Year” and she was not even scheduled to perform.

5. Too many ballads.

6. The Tom Petty tribute was a snooze and they could have honored Tom Petty much better.

7. Many people weren't happy that Alessia Cara winning “Best New Artist” over “newer” artists like SZA or Khalid.

8. James Corden's "Subway Karaoke"

9. The fact that SZA went home with no wins despite being the Grammys most-nominated woman.

10. Many people didn't care for the political rantings but for some parts it was entertaining.