An Open Letter To The People Who Don't Order At A Dine-In Movie Theater
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An Open Letter To The People Who Don't Order At A Dine-In Movie Theater

Why did you even come?

An Open Letter To The People Who Don't Order At A Dine-In Movie Theater

If you're not going to order at a dine-in theatre, why did you come? The whole point of it is IT IS A DINE IN THEATRE. You're supposed to eat. There is a menu.

To the people who said that they didn't know: you knew. It says it on the website where you bought the tickets. It says it when you walk into the theatre. It says it everywhere.

Going to a traditional theatre and not ordering is totally okay. They don't have people who rely on you to order. Yes, it helps them be less bored but they get the average minimum wage. But to go to a dine-in and not order is bullshit. You have the servers who make $2.80 an hour and bussers/runners/bartenders who make $5 an hour. ALL OF THESE PEOPLE RELY ON YOUR TIPS FROM ORDERING TO MAKE MONEY. Bartenders, runners, and bussers all make money by the server's sales. The server makes money by tips, minus 3% of their sales that go to the others.

I'm just so confused on why you think its okay to not order. To take up a seat and not pay people. It is like going to Applebee's and ordering a water. Or going to Red Lobster just to look at the lobsters. Your presence does nothing for anyone who works there. You are making everyone lose money. All of those people that day lost a little bit of money because you decided not to order.

It is rude and disrespectful. There are plenty of traditional movie theatres close enough that it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to go there.

There are people that come to the dine-in multiple times a week and order every time. Meanwhile, you come in one time in every few weeks and don't order? I would love to try and understand why.

To the people who bring in their own full course meal because it is a dine-in: you're the worst. Not only are you not ordering, but you are also giving the people who do work there more work to do when they have to clean the theatre. You are the worst of the worst. Also, it is common sense that outside food is not allowed, so please be smart and don't have it out while the lights are on. Be courteous and wait until the lights go off. Be even better and clean up after yourself. Or you could just be a decent human and go to a dine-in theatre and order food.

To the people who actually order (and tip) at a dine-in: thank you. You are how everyone in that theatre makes money. You are how we keep going.

To those that just get a water: go to a traditional theatre and never come back.

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