I became what many refer to as a "buzzcut babe" over a year ago. Shaving my head was and is an experience I would recommend to each and every woman. I was able to see a completely different version of myself. My hair was no longer this huge factor in deciding how beautiful I felt. I didn't have anything to hide behind anymore. If you're a woman looking for a bold new hairdo, I would highly recommend it, but here are some questions, comments, and concerns your peers are going to have for you.

1. "Looks great! So, are you growing it out now?"

People have a hard time believing a woman would want to keep and maintain a buzzcut for as long as they would any other hairstyle. For many women who shave their head, it's a long term hairstyle and they maintain it in the same way that women with longer hair maintain their hairdos. So no, I'm not growing it out now.

2. "You're lucky you have such a pretty face!"

Uh, thanks, I guess? You're going to be told a million times how lucky you are to have "just the right face" to pull off your new hairstyle. You won't be able to help but notice how no one is complimenting the facial structure of all the guys who also have this same exact haircut.

3. "I would TOTALLY do that, but my head is really lumpy."

Some girls may tell you that they wish they could also have a buzzcut! However, after proposing the idea of a shaved head to other women, I've realized that many women are for some reason under the impression that their head is a really abnormal shape. Ladies, I assure you: your head isn't nearly as weird looking as you think it is.

4. "But your hair was SO pretty!"

Many people are going to mourn the loss of your hair, even if you're rejoicing. I find that this one frequently comes from older family members.

5. "Can I pet it?"

A lot of people want to touch the fuzz. Including strangers. Including people who DON'T ask to pet it and just go in and start rubbing your head. Sometimes you will have to give a gentle reminder (or maybe not so gentle for repeated offenders) that you are a human being and not the household cat.