Pentagon Releases UFO Footage from 2015
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Pentagon Releases UFO Footage from 2015

A couple days ago, as the world focuses on obliging to the conditions that the coronavirus crisis has imposed on people, the Pentagon's Department of Defense formally releases 3 videos of UFO sightings recorded by Navy Pilots.

Pentagon Releases UFO Footage from 2015

On Monday, the Department of Defense formally released three Navy videos that contain "unidentified aerial phenomena." Although it wasn't anything new to scientists and science fiction fans, the veracity of the news sparked attention in the media in spite of the pandemonium caused by the pandemic.

In spite of the fact that the US Navy had acknowledged the accuracy of the video in September of last year, the fact that they're officially releasing footage taken by US Navy Pilots, personally, leads me to become curious as to why now in April 2020?

On an Instagram post made by popular podcaster, stand-up comedian, and tv personality – Joe Rogan – he posted a screenshot of the video released from the pentagon with the caption:

"I know we're all suffering from news fatigue, because any other time in history if the Pentagon officially released UFO videos that are now declassified which show unidentified crafts traveling at insane rates of speed and violating the known laws of physics and everything we know about propulsion – any other time that would be big news. But in April of 2020, we barely give a f*ck. For some reason, the Pentagon seemed to be somewhat set on releasing this information during a time when the world is distracted by a greater issue. Rogan acknowledges this and creates a new discussion on what their motive was for doing so.

So what was this motive? Was it to prevent mass panic? Could it have been to clear up public misconceptions? What are/were their intentions for the evidence of the aerial phenomena discovered in 2015 and have there been any other instances where the aircraft had been sighted?

When they were leaked last year, the images had caught media attention and supported claims of them showing alien unidentified flying objects (UFOs).

Perhaps the release of the films was an implication that there could be more coming, or that we're living in the age where humans will take the next leap into space and in manipulating properties of matter to extort physical phenomena.

Since Elon Musk's launch of his SpaceX program in 2002, the manufacturing and launching of aircrafts into space has increased significantly since United States Astronaut, Alan Shepard Jr.'s venture into space on the Mercury space craft in 1961.

Even if you look at television programs you can see how they have taken a dramatic turn toward innovative, extra-terrestrial, seemingly impossible inventions and concepts that defy natural law.

These television programs, like Rick and Morty (based off of an earlier production series titles Back to the Future, Midnight Gospel on Netflix, and many more series created by science fiction production companies like Marvel, DC Comics, etc. are popularized and even exploited to children at young ages.

In today's time, if a child grows up watching television, it could be likely that they'll have a more accurate understanding of space and science than their parents by the time they're teenagers.

There's so much information out there for us to find and learn to increase and develop our general understanding of the world.

It's crucial to be able to share this information to give each other new opportunities to exercise our beliefs and our understanding of what we hold to be the truth about reality.

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