So at this point, we all know that the LGBT+ community is very large and is continuing to grow every day. New orientations are added every day to be celebrated, there is a largely celebrated pride month, and pride parades are put on in a number of places in celebration. Pride is something that is familiar in today's society, whether you're largely involved with the LGBT+ community or not.

Recently, I read an article informing me that pedophiles were trying to be accepted into the LGBT+ community. They created a pride flag for pride month, while also labeling themselves "MAPs," or minor-attracted persons, meaning that these people could be attracted to anyone ranging from infancy to teenagers.

I may not be a part of the LGBT+ community, but reading this article still made me sick.

Urban Dictionary defines a pedophile as "An adult, usually male, who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children." According to the aforementioned article, this group of people was trying to act as if they were just misunderstood people. They hoped to play on the feelings of the LGBT+ community because they too "are attracted to who they are attracted to."

Well to those interested in pedophilia, you are even sicker than we thought if you believe you are simply misunderstood and your "likes" should be accepted. You are crazy if you believe that your interest in children is something that the world should learn to be okay with. I wouldn't want you to be around my younger siblings, cousins, friends, etc., and I wouldn't want anyone to think it was okay for you to be near these children because you might harm them.

There is nothing okay about an adult having a sexual attraction to a baby, toddler, young child or a teenager, and I do not believe these kinds of people should be accepted into a community that hopes for equality for their lifestyle.

Even as someone with no affiliation with the LGBT+ community, I was appalled at the news that pedophiles were trying to gain acceptance from the world for the way they are. This is not, and never will be, okay.