how to not let money control your happiness
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Don't Let Paying Bills And Working Turn Your Life Into A Chore

I have heard far too many people say how unhappy they are because all they do is pay bills and work... Well, it's time to change that.

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I always hear adults saying things about how they hate their job, they are tired, all they do is pay bills, and so on... And unfortunately, we live in a world that revolves around money so it is the reality that we have to work and pay bills a good majority of our lives. This in no way makes life more fun or easy, it truly can be exhausting to a breaking point, but I'm telling you that your mindset is everything in making these stressful events doable.

Life can be a repetitive cycle of work, cook, eat, shower, sleep, pay bills, again and again, every week. Frankly, it stinks, and year after year can take wear and tear on an individual, and in turn, cause them to be a pretty miserable person. It honestly breaks my heart that so many people are so miserable with their lives, and I wish there was something I could do to help them because that is not how life should be lived.

I know it is much easier said than done to ignore the chaos and stress of work and bills, but it is definitely not impossible... There are many things you can do to brighten your rainbow through the storm.

First off, think about your job and the pros and cons to it, and if you can think of more cons than you can pros, find something that makes your life easier and happier, please. There are endless opportunities, you do not have to go get a fancy new degree, or a degree at all, it could be just trying somewhere new. Somebody once told me that if you wake up too many days in a row saying "I don't want to do this," then you're doing something wrong.

Secondly, don't let paying your bills make you unhappy. Everyone has financial issues at some point or another, just do your best and still smile through writing away every check. Find ways to save on things, cut back on things you don't need or want. Please don't let the 21st high maintenance world get to you. Live more simple, and happier.

Don't let go of the things you love to do, saying you don't have time for things is an excuse, because anything you truly love and enjoy deserves a place in your life. So play the piano, ride your bike, kayak down the river, go to the movies and get buttery popcorn, fly a kite, paint the sunset, don't let your life die because of money and a job.

If money was a person, they would be the most hateful, selfish, manipulative person to ever live, ergo the saying "money is the root of all evil," because it really is. If you think about the issues you have in life, a majority of them have to do with money, don' they? It is controlling and suffocating, but please do not let it control you.

You are far more powerful than you think, so those little green pieces of paper should not determine your happiness. You can control your happiness. Your loved ones, your dreams, and the beauty of life around you is in your hands.

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