Pass The AUX Artists: AVSTIN JAMES
Pass The AUX is a series by Francesco Lupinacci that works towards presenting a critical analysis on a variation of music artists & albums that lay beneath the polluted mainstream sound, to widen your playlists and give you a fire AUX selection.

Deep through the vast grey selection of musical options often offered on Soundcloud, always hides a single bright light of unknown talent. AVSTIN JAMES is one of those rare discoveries that has accumulated a loyal following of mash-up remix fans that are enjoying their favorite artists on a whole other level. The now 19 year-old remix master enjoys pairing up Hip-Hop verses with all sorts of Electronic and EDM instrumentals. AVSTIN JAMES offers a wide variety of anthems from the biggest hits of two different musical genres.

Receiving a drastic increase in followers since his masterpiece, "Stronger Roses (Kanye West X The Chainsmokers)" a cohesive and dynamic match-up of Kanye West's "Stronger" and The Chainsmokers' "Roses", AVSTIN JAMES has followed up with more and more of the same bangers to continue his rise to stardom.

Labeling himself officially as a Mash-up Artist, AVSTIN JAMES has been a Dj prodigy since the age of 18. Born in Vancouver, Canada; JAMES had originally started his first projects on a free Dj app in his math classes and has since then stepped up his commitment on more complex programs such as FL Studio, enabling him to spread his creativity on popular platforms Soundcloud and Youtube.

As of January 2016, AVSTIN JAMES has announced to be learning the skills fit to perform his songs on Live Dj Sets, which means we may be seeing the artist tour in the future. Since his consistent climb to the top of Soundcloud and Youtube search results, the Vancouver native has launched his own website promoting his own work as well as featuring his very unique version of trendy merchandise, topped with his new personal logo.

This Mash-Up Artist has a phenomenal year for production, it is no surprise he is capable of mixing polar opposite songs such as Kanye's "Bound 2" with Pop-Rock hit "Take Me To Church" into an immaculate masterpiece. AVSTIN's selection is what makes him a unique Mash-Up Artist, combining two sounds without it sounding forced or overwhelming. The frequencies don't overlap in a chaotic manner, and the bass-lines often fuse smoothly, making it always seem like a remix simply meant to be.

Listening to J. Cole's already perfect hit "Work Out", and then hearing AVSTIN JAMES' "Stay Out (J.Cole X 20syl)" leaves you wondering how you will ever be able to return to the basic vanilla version of the song. Playing with classics and hits is always a sensitive subject for producers, but when done with the confidence and comfort of AVSTIN JAMES, you will always be guaranteed an elevated one of a kind anthem.

From Drake, Kanye West, Chance The Rapper, and even Tupac to The Chainsmokers, Rhianna, Flume, and G-Eazy. AVSTIN JAMES will always have you feeling some kind of way, stimulating the accumulative memories you share with a verse you hold dear, and cementing its magic with an astounding chorus and instrumental. So next time your friends bump any vanilla song or mediocre remix, go ahead and ask them to pass the aux and hit 'em with some AVSTIN JAMES.

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