Pass The Aux Albums: Urban Flora
Pass The AUX is a series by Francesco Lupinacci that works towards presenting a critical analysis of a variation of music artists & albums that lay beneath the polluted mainstream sound,to widen your playlists and give you a fire AUX selection.

Love poems are gently written in where the sand meets chilling waves driven by the lightest breeze of the night sky as Galimatias & Alina Baraz collaborate on Urban Flora to paint with the most soothing vibes of electronic and R&B music.

Urban Flora stands as human emotion contradicted by the purest forms of nature, focusing specifically on love. The record's eight tracks move in sequence to deliver consistently more of the same as the formula between production and vocal talent maintains a similar tone throughout its playing time, while being expressed uniquely in each song.

Denmark's very own Galimatias slows the pace on Urban Flora through a collective instrumental of hazy synths and time stretched vocals to allow Baraz to fill the empty space with soft words that wind around the song's base production, making for a very spacious and chilled experience every song. Galimatias proceeds to impress with the introduction of nature soundscape to layer songs into a more immersive experience. With an array of melodic percussions, the intricate use of natural elements, an abundance of mellisonant leads, and Alina's demulcent vocal production, makes Urban Flora the colliding experience of emotion with its surrounding landscape.

The Los Angeles based 21 year old pop singer, Alina Baraz, is asked a lot of on such an open ended production, but it is exactly where her lack of creative boundaries are best portrayed. Through instrumental breaks, phenomenal riffs, and very complex instrumental assembles, she penetrates every gap of acoustic to string together the end product in the prettiest lining. Within each whisper and sigh, Baraz works as a flexible instrument of production while still holding a poetic narrative to pull you closer to the album's vision. Its Alina's spectacular vocal delivery that makes Urban Flora function on a level that it otherwise would never reach.

The cohesive track-list operates nearly as one track, responding to the demand of wanting more of the same, yet each song holds as singular masterpieces. While what initiated the artists' interest for collaboration on "Drift" remains the pair's most audacious song, the album flexes its talents on leading single, "Fantasy", that epitomizes the function of Alina and Galimatia's mesmerizing collaboration.

It's Urban Flora's capability to grow naturally through its own cracks that grasps onto the heart and releases flawlessly vulnerable emotion in such a chilling manner.

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