Recently, the Princeton Review labeled the University of Delaware the #1 party school in the country. We've risen in the ranks in the past three years, moving from #13 in 2016 to #6 in 2017 and now to the crowning spot, which makes me feel uneasy, honestly.

Just because we ARE the number one party school does not mean we have to act like it. You do not have to be the sole individual keeping the tradition alive. I understand that it is kind of funny to be the top beer guzzling, frat-partying, DAGE loving school, but even so...don't take this as a challenge.

I have seen more than one classmate miss an exam only to find out that they didn't oversleep or go to the wrong building, but were in fact in the hospital because of alcohol poisoning, drinking to excess just because they could (or thought they could). Some of my good friends are those people who think having as many drinks as possible is an accomplishment. Drinking has become so ingrained in their lives that it is the first thing they think of to blow off stress or celebrate.

I have watched ambulance after ambulance roll down Cleveland and Main Street, going off to a dorm or a house or a party. I am so used to knowing people are drinking too much and being stupid that on instinct, I assume every ambulance is going towards one of us and not somewhere else in the Newark community.

Oh, and so does the Newark community.

It isn't funny. It isn't an accomplishment. I understand that it can be sort of stupid, and something you can tell your friends who go to a different school and think they're crazy party people. I hate to break it to you, but this mentality of being the "party school" is toxic. There is so much more to our school than this, and I take pride in so much more.

I am tired of being labeled as some stupid kid who needs more policing because of the university I go to. You want to know why we're getting more fines and consequences for jaywalking? Because they think we NEED THEM, especially after dark and a few drinks at Klondike Kate's.

I have seen so many comments under the UDPD post saying the "wild parties" need to be controlled. On a post about WALKING ACROSS THE STREET. We've ingrained ourselves so deep into people's minds as "those dumb kids" that OF COURSE they are not going to think we are capable of more.

I'm not one of the people who goes to party. I have never had much interest in it. But I'm sick of those of us who think drinking should be casual and relaxed and not some senseless, stupid pissing contest between frat boys being looked at like the minority of people acting stupid on and off campus.

Grow up.

Party. Don't party. Whatever. But don't go posting that we're number one party school all over your timeline and then say "it's only getting wilder from here." I don't want to see that, and I have a feeling your liver won't, either.