Why Part 2 Of The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina Is Exactly What We Need

So right off the bat, I want to say that I will try to not give any spoilers, BUT if you haven't watched Part 2 of CAOS, you. need. to.

Across the entire season, and series, there is an underlying notion of misogyny. Between only men being allowed to be High Priest and the blatant disregard of Sabrina's abilities due to the fact that her gender is marked with that of a "F," the season gets real with a lot of hot button issues in today's culture.

Chapter 12: Sexism

The season picks up right where the first left off. In Chapter 12, Sabrina and another student campaign for a very prestigious position at The Academy. It is even said that this position is a stepping stone to High Priest, something that Sabrina would like since her father held the position prior to his death. HOWEVER, there are attacks made on Sabrina because, and you guessed it, she is a woman.

Chapter 13: Transphobic People

Alrighty. So in this episode the topic of transgender people and transphobic people is brought to the audience's attention. A character realizes that they are in the wrongly gendered body and would like to start going by another name. Their friends are completely onboard with this, but a lot of the school is not. People start to harass the transitioning person and it's making them really upset, as it should. So they go to a friend for help and it doesn't necessarily work out the way they thought. But long story short, the bully apologizes and the transitioning person begins to be accepted by their peers.

Chapter 14: Sex, To Wait Or Not?

This was probably my favorite episode. The Academy, and most witches and warlocks, observe a holiday called Lupercallia. It's basically the witches world's version of Valentine's Day, but it's ALL about sex. Witches and warlocks are paired, courted, and hunted. The end result is basically an orgie, dope right? BUUUUT for those witches and warlocks that haven't had sex, it can be an uncomfortable and pressure-filled time. This episode handles the fact that sex should be a choice and not pressured by a partner, friend, or family member. And I stan.

Chapter 15: Trusting Partners

This was an interesting one because I really had to search to find the message behind this episode and I'm pretty sure it's about trusting your partner. Our heroine is put in many situations that truly tests her trust of both her partner and family members. She handles it like a badass, as usual, but it's definitely a struggle that we all deal with and seeing how Sabrina deals with it really makes the audience want to take life by the reigns.

Chapter 16: Boys Club

This episode is a BIG OOF! Within the walls of The Academy is a secret boys club lead by none other than Lord Blackwood. During a meeting, the audience is introduced to the new ideals Lord Blackwood is going to propose for the Church of Night, all of which are sexist and misogynistic. (This is later brought up by Prudence, but only because she wants to know if they apply to her.) The entire meeting is quite cringy, to say the least, but it does get your blood boiling when you hear how absurd the rules sound.

Chapter 17: Acceptance Of Other Faiths

This one was probably the most horror-filled episode of the series thus far. Without giving much away, people obviously do not accept what the Church of Night practices or the fact that witches walk the earth. So people come in trying to change or, what they think to be, fix that. This episode really showed me that we need to accept others for their faith and beliefs. Just because someone does not believe in the same god as you or does not attend the same church as you does not mean that they are any less of a person than you. (Yes, I realize we're talking about witches that LITERALLY praise the devil, but come on the entire series is fictional.)

Chapter 18: Stepford Wife

I WANTED TO PUNCH SOMETHING DURING THIS EPISODE. A main character is put under someone's spell to basically be the perfect spouse. HOWEVER, this makes them a sleepwalking person: completely aware of what was happening, but unable to control their actions. And it is REVOLTING. Mostly because I missed the wit this character brings, but also because no one gets to have LITERAL control over another human being.

Chapter 19: Our Very Own Harvey Weinstein

We all know who Harvey Weinstein is? Great. Well this show has one. A member of a very elite group is asked to help the Spellman family by a member of the family. Prior to this person's acceptance, they pop a feel on the Spellman family member, which OF COURSE does not deal with that. The next shot we see of the elite member is them wrapped in a spider web. That's how you deal with sexual harassment!

Chapter 20: MORE Sexism, Misogyny, and A Child Bride..?

In this episode we have more sexism, more misogyny, AND we deal with the fact that there is a notion of a child bride. DOPE DOPE. What else do we need in this season? Obviously, I'm not going to give anything away, but this is some good television.

Overall, this season thrilled, enraged, and encapsulated me. CAOS really went all out this season with tackling every topic the could. And it worked well for the storyline, the characters, and the audience. Nothing at any point seemed like it was too forced or uncomfortable for a character to do. It seemed like each action and reaction is authentic to the character and situation.

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