8 Times Brett Kavanaugh Somehow Expressed Your Campus Parking Frustrations

8 Times Brett Kavanaugh Somehow Expressed Your Campus Parking Frustrations

No matter where you go, it's just about as inconvenient as Brett Kavanaugh's Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.


College is tough, and expensive, and parking is no exception to that. However, parking on campus is its own special hell where it feels like there is one parking spot for every 10 people.

No matter how early you get on your favorite parking lot, there's always a showdown for the last spot. Navigating around campus and dodging pedestrians becomes even more of a nuisance on top of how frustrating and inconvenient parking already was. Get it together.

We're not paying $250-$450 to miss class because there wasn't any parking.

1. You drive to campus bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, but you're disillusioned once you get on campus


You were optimistic. You thought, "maybe today won't be as bad as it was yesterday." But you were wrong. Everyone is driving like they have a keycard for the Garage, or maybe they're still sleeping. And the pedestrians are more fearless than ever, crossing the street five feet in front of a crosswalk without looking both ways.

2. You're stuck at a busy intersection trying to make a turn, but pedestrians and cars keep cutting you off

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Flames feel like they're about to emerge from your steering wheel, and you contemplate forcing your way through the intersection, risking hitting one of your fellow classmates or a staff or faculty member. They're not the only ones in a hurry. Instead you mutter under your breath for the lolligaggers to put a little more pep in their step, glaring at them through your windshield.

3. You make it through the seemingly endless intersection.  The lot you want is visible, but you're still far away

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Students walking from breakfast to the student center are recklessly playing "Frogger," and the amount of times you've had to brake on one road is making you question whether or not you'll need to change your brake lights. You come to a stop one last time before a bus pulls in front of you.

4. LOL you are behind the bus you need to catch to get to class

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Maybe it has one or two stops left so you can bypass it and safely speed to the commuter lot. Maybe you'll even have enough time left to find a decent spot, grab your things for the day, and casually stroll to the pickup spot. You try to stay positive, but you had the same reality just a few days before.

5. You bypass the bus, but don't make the light 

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The bus pulls off the road to load more students on. You maneuver around the bus without hesitation...just as the traffic light turns from golden yellow to disheartening red. To make your four mile commute on campus even better, the car in front is taking up two lanes, with its turn signal on. "How have you commuted to class for over a month and still don't know which way to go," you think to yourself as you roll your eyes back far enough to see your brain.


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You make it to the lot with the bus just a few cars behind you, and if you can get a spot, you'll have enough time to trot to the bus stop before the it leaves. You circle the lot's exterior, you drive up and down lanes of parked cars. No spot is open. Others are frantically doing the same thing. You let out a flabbergasted grunt. How is there no parking?!

7. Are you really going to skip class because the first lot you chose was full? 

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You circle the lot once more. But you take your time because you're calculating something.

You, or your parents/guardian/FAFSA/etc., spent a fortune on tuition, and you know you really should go to class and engage in your education. But you also don't have any assignments due in class, or exams, and the notes are online. And getting to the garage to pay for parking when you've already handed over your "lifesavings" to go to this school just seems a bit much. You already paid for parking, why should you have to pay again?

8. So...what are you going to do?

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Go home, and drink precisely one beer. And mark it on my calendar.

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