The summer has finally arrived. Various families are escaping from their homes and heading outdoors. One of the places many people head to is the Jersey Shore. People from all over the state and country, come to take advantage of the weather and relax on the various beaches the state has to offer. Between the warm weather, light evenings, no school, and it being summer, it's currently the busiest time of year for shore towns. Let's not forget the traffic and tourism, adding on to the busyness of each community. Whether it's just for the day or an entire week, going down there can be expensive.

Between beach badges, dining, and entertainment, nothing is cheap. Then there's parking, what some might classify as the hardest part of the trip. As most tourists know, if you can't find a free spot on the street, avoiding the meters can be a challenge. With the Jersey Shore already being expensive, are the parking meters necessary? Here are reasons why it might be time to say goodbye to them.

1. Not all shore towns have them

While many do, parking meters are not existent in some Jersey Shore communities. This allows them to attract more beachgoers.

2. Adds another expense to the trip

As all beachgoers know, a trip to the beach is not cheap. Having to the pay for parking makes it even more expensive.

3. Easily annoys people

Nobody wants to pay for parking when normally, they don't have to.

4. Generates more chaos

Parking by the beach can always be difficult during the summer, especially if you don't get down there early enough. Having to pay for it makes things more chaotic considering, a ticket must be placed above the dashboard to avoid getting your car towed.

5. They only take exact change

This is another thing people have to worry about since not everyone carries coins or dollar bills on them.

6. Forces people to wake up earlier

Beachgoers who choose to take a day trip down to the beach, already have to wake up early just to find a spot. With there being not as many free ones on the street and more metered ones in some communities, they have no choice but to wake up earlier.

7. Can commence fights

Although they might be interesting to watch, nobody wants to get into a fight with someone, especially down at the shore. If it has to do with a parking spot, then it's not difficult for them to transpire.

8. Motivates beachgoers to leave the beach early

It might be cheap but it's still an expense. Since the longer people stay on the beach the more they need to pay for metered parking increases, many end up leaving earlier then they would like to.

9. Puts tourists on a schedule

Since metered parking revolves around both time and money, those who need to use it are usually put on a schedule. As everyone knows, the longer you stay, the more you'll need to pay.