To My Loving Parents

To My Loving Parents

Thank you, mom and dad, you guys mean the world to me.

As you go to college, you're also going through a monumental moment in your life. You're finding out who you are as a person and what you want to do with your life. Also, finding the most amazing relationships with both your new friends but also finding time to see your best friends from home. However, most importantly you also miss your parents more than you thought you could.

The two people who have had the greatest impact on my life for these almost 20 years are the reason I've gotten how far as I am today. My mom and dad have always been my biggest supporters, and here are a few reasons why: they've gone to basketball games where I barely played a minute, they've picked me up after breakups with stupid boys, they've only called me dumb once when I got one out of my nine piercings, they've supported me when I got my tattoos which meant so much to me and the rest of my family didn't approve of. Finally, they have always given me more love and support than I could've asked for.

Along going with all these things, how do I thank you for everything that you guys have done? Thank you guys for giving me the best life, taking me to Disney World (my favorite place in the whole world) and letting me cry/rant/scream whenever I needed to. Thank you both for letting me eat as many doughnuts as I want. Thank you guys again for being the biggest support system, and as I turn twenty next month, I hope to give back to you both more as I continue on in life. I couldn't imagine a life without you two. Thank you for loving me the way I am and giving me the opportunity to be myself.

Thank you, mom and dad, you guys mean the world to me.

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No, Blondes Don't Have More Fun

Assumptions of personality traits based on hair color are lies.


Blondes are notorious for two things: the "dumb blonde" stereotype and the phrase "blondes have more fun" (which, up until recently, I didn't realize originates from a Dolly Parton song).

I spent my entire life as a blonde up until the moment I bought brown hair dye on a whim and changed the color of my hair nearly a month ago. Since doing so, the phrase "blondes have more fun" sounds like utter rubbish.

I feel as though I engage in more "crazy" activities since becoming a brunette: vaping, participating in activities I would have never considered trying before. Sure, I could chalk this up to me feeling like a different, changed person with the idea "new hair, new me."

The thing that gets me, though, is that I feel like I have been granted permission to "have fun" because I'm no longer weighed down by the "dumb blonde" stereotype. Before, I was so concerned about not doing something stupid or saying something stupid; if I did, I was feeding into the stereotype. Now, there's no weight attached. I no longer worry about appearing stupid.

Putting this aside, a hair color doesn't define someone's personality. It's silly to think that way.

I went from blonde to brunette, and I have no intention to go back anytime soon.

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